Pasadena, Texas Speed Traps

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Fairmont East bound in fron of Convention center

Pasadena, TexasJul 18, 20111 Comments

Fairmont East bound in fron of Convention center the light past he convention center, the motors cop will sit there and hit you coming down fairmont headed to La Porte…… i cant remember the speed but it all of sudden drops to 35 their and he is more that happy to give you a ticket ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Spencer at Shaver

Pasadena, TexasFeb 23, 20110 Comments

When you’re traveling west on Spencer (towards Old Galveston Road), there will be two or three police officers who basically hide behind a tree and pounce when the light turns red. They are looking for people with expired tags and who aren’t wearing seat belts. I mostly see them on Saturday. Beware.

Southmore at Shaver

Pasadena, TexasFeb 23, 20110 Comments

If you’re heading south on Shaver and plan on going right to head west on Southmore beware of the police officer who sits in the CiCi’s Pizza parking lot. There is a strange little exchange that requires a stop before merging onto Southmore. If you don’t come to a complete stop for at least a second, this guy is going to give you a ticket. I see it almost every day picking my child up from school.

On the northeast corner of Pine Ave. and Randolph

Pasadena, TexasSep 29, 20100 Comments

Motorcycle cops wait there for cars doing over 30 mph. They are on a vacant lot and kind of hidden. You don’t see them until you are right on them. There is usually two or three of them waiting there.

On Allen Genoa Between Spencer and Vista

Pasadena, TexasSep 23, 20101 Comments

If you turn rt on Allen Genoa from Vista heading toward Spencer, a constable sits on the right by the empty field, hidden by high weeds and a tree. He was there Sep 21 and SEP 22 2010 at 5:30 pm

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