San Antonio, Texas Speed Traps

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Westbound Wurzbach Parkway

San Antonio, TexasMar 06, 20160 Comments

Just after you pass the exit for McAllister Park, there is a bridge that goes over the tail end of Starcrest. Motorcycle officers love to sit on top of the bridge, or just on the other side to catch people. Haven’t seen any before or after that spot for a couple of miles at any time. Unfortunately, I had never seen people pulled over there until I was. Then I saw them at least one-two times a week since. It’s been better since they boosted the speed limit from 45 to 60, but man if I wasn’t p-o’d when I was caught going 60 in a 45 only to see the limit be exactly that 8 weeks later.

4600 san pedro

San Antonio, TexasNov 17, 20150 Comments

going south on san pedro is a school crossing warning sign and about 2 more blocks one can see ahead to a flashing school zone light that appears to be linked to the school crossing warning sign. however, immediately past the crossing is a 20 mph school zone speed sign that does not flash and is shaded by a large tree and that begins the school zone–not the flashing school zone light ahead. the officer said there were two school zones and the flashing light ahead was a different. approaching these school zones while driving north on san pedro, the driver encounters the flashing school zone light which appropriately marks both school zones. going south, however, the flashing light marks only the second school zone. when i got my ticket there were at least 3 motorcycle cops who were onto southbound drivers like flies on honey. i could not believe i was getting a ticket because i had already gone through the northbound section of the school zones and was prepared to slow down to 20 on my return trip while looking ahead to the flashing light which was not, in actuality, the true beginning of the southbound school zones. i was so stunned that i could have missed the school zone speed sign that i drove back around 3 times to assure myself of my mistake (and saw the cops give out at least 10 or more tickets at that same place). if ever i have encountered a deliberate speed trap, this was it. acknowledging that this section is mismarked, the city should be concentrating on the safety of the children by correctly marking this area with a visible flashing sign rather than playing cop games at the expense of safety. after properly marking this area, then the cops give tickets to speeders who disregard the flashing signage.

Just past Nogalitos and Furnish, heading north

San Antonio, TexasMay 05, 20150 Comments

On Nogalitos heading north, there is a really short school zone that extends for only a block or block-and-a-half, and is marked only by a single, unobtrusive street sign (i.e. not lights that flash during certain hours). Literally right before the speed limit goes back up to 30, there is a driveway partially hidden by some fencing where a cop on a motorcycle will wait to pull over drivers. Since the school zone is so small and the signage is so unobtrusive, most drivers heading north don’t even realize they’re speeding when they’re going 30.

On Castano Avenue, across from Alamo Heights High School

San Antonio, TexasOct 28, 20140 Comments

There is a cop that sits on the eastbound side of Castano in a parallel parking spot every morning and pulls over people every day. The speed limit on Castano is 25 MPH, so be careful.

On Potranco, @ Culebra Road

San Antonio, TexasAug 26, 20140 Comments

The is a motorcycle cop who pulls people over all the time. The Speed Limit changes from 45 to 30 with no warning. So if you go past the light, crossing over Culebra (40 Speed Limit), you will get pulled over.

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