Temple, Texas Speed Traps

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Temple, TexasJul 21, 20150 Comments

Temple has been under construction for years and each time thru it is different.
The intersection of Airport to Loop thru town is a mega trap. You go onto the service road for about 1/2 mile with a merge from the left and one from the right.The left is off a 60 MPH and they don’t slow, the left is down a little farther and is slow. A police on motorcycle sets under a bridge and tickets mostly out of towners trying to get into the loop access. Service is 45 MPH and loop is 60 MPH. Do not attempt to speed up and merge with Loop, they will get you ever time.
If they do get you the court system is even more of a pain.. The fine is steep and Temple get 27% of the budget from fines ($1,400,000 / 2015) in the budget per Director OF FINANCE (public record).
Total fines and fees for 2015 (budget) $2,061,362. NON-Residents 53.6% of fines. (again-public record). A friend told me cops are on a quota/ incentive program (not confirmed). There are other routes to take, avoid at any cost TEMPLE,TX.

By VA Hospital

Temple, TexasAug 03, 20120 Comments

Going north or south the Temple PD Constantly Runs Radar on the street in front of the hospital watch for people with Fort Hood Window Stickers or any other military sticker on the vehicle leaving the hospital they sit on private property, i. e., stores parking lots and side streets anywhere they can hide, they know that if they stop military they won’t have trouble with them because they will have more trouble with the military, they think that retirees get lots of money in their checks because most of them have never been in the military. They also have nasty people working at the windows at the court house this city is anti-military and stop most of these people that was doing below the speed limit they do this because it is easy revenue for the city. This is an anti-military city.

Between Temple + Gatesville on TX-36.

Temple, TexasJul 07, 20120 Comments

On TX-36, between the cloverleaf intersection connecting TX-36, TX-53, and TX-317 and the bridge over a small section (25m across) of Belton Lake. Speed drops from 65 to 60. Well hidden vehicle.

I-35 and Airport Intersection

Temple, TexasJun 05, 20120 Comments

I was southbound on I-35 exiting to Airport Rd. Busy looking for traffic as I left the freeway, I missed the signs that said 35mph (really, from 70 to 35 in 100 yards?!?). But that is only part of the trap. There is a “road” that comes off the westbound lane of Airport that goes to the frontage road. (URL deleted)

It is fully paved. Not sure if it has a street name but does have a STOP sign, a DO NOT ENTER sign and is painted with a large crosswalk line. It seems to be a road to allow you to visit a historical marker. The officer was parked IN THE MIDDLE of that road with no lights or flashers on and facing northbound. I believe he was illegally parked on a road when he issued my ticket for 47 as I was coming off of the highway.
As a matter of fact, after being issued the ticket, I was analyzing the situation and a van drove down that road. I questioned to myself what would have happened if the officer’s vehicle was still in the middle of the road.

South Of Temple VA Hospital

Temple, TexasFeb 27, 20120 Comments

Motor cycle cops are hiding at apartment building south of VA hospital and pulling over vehicles leaving the hospital giving ticket for going 12 to 14 MPH over the speed limit or so they say

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