Waco, Texas Speed Traps

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Under bridge by Miller’s Steakhouse on the way to Baylor University

Waco, TexasJun 03, 20020 Comments

The cop will park under the bridge (sorry, I don’t know which bridge exactly) next to Miller’s Steakhouse, and hide in the dark corners, or park in the parking lot. They are notorious for giving tickets out there because of the college students who use the road and speed 95% of the time. Watch out. The cops are also notorious for stopping you even when you WEREN’T speeding, trying to give you a ticket.

J H Kultgen Bridge @ I-35

Waco, TexasJun 02, 20020 Comments

As u are coming from Waco Dr to Bellmead, Waco PD sit under the bridge of Interstate 35. As you are coming down the bridge, of course as u go down hill your car will accelerate, the police will stop u for speeding. The mph is 40.

I-35 Northbound before Waco City Limits

Waco, TexasMar 01, 20021 Comments

Approaching Waco heading northbound I was clocked using Laser by Texas State Trooper (was using Valentine One radar/laser detector). Trooper was off highway located in a place of business parking lot, firing laser down I-35 at northbound traffic. This location used was so far off the highway no normal eye scanning pattern could even come close to looking his direction. I made the mistake of ignoring my laser detector when I was hit (thought it was an error/false). Drivers beware this trooper is good! State troopers now using laser on a more frequent basis. This is bad news because the detection is very difficult.

Lake Shore Drive

Waco, TexasDec 01, 20000 Comments

An approximate 2 mile section of diserted roadway(no businesses or houses in area)where the speed limit is posted at 40 MPH. The Waco police usually wait at the base of a long hill and ticket motorist at the base of the hill. To avoid exceeding the speed limit one would have to “ride”” their brakes all the way down the hill. Traffic usually flows at 50 to 55 MPH which is reasonable for this roadway.”

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