Island Pond, Vermont Speed Traps

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114 & 105 stop sign. Hidden near the little airport on 105

Island Pond, VermontJul 27, 20110 Comments

You will get a ticket at these two locations. Period. For most drivers the only ticket in a lifetime of driving. Warn your friends, family, and business associates take an alternate route and avoid Island Pond. I have been doing so for many years since my first and only visit. Court system? You will lose. No sense at all and very Un-American.

Stop sign at intersection of 105 & 114

Island Pond, VermontApr 09, 20101 Comments

Attention motorcycle drivers …..Even if you come to a complete stop with one foot on the ground , you will be fined . You must stop , put both feet on the ground and count to three or you will be ticketed ( $ 199.00 ) for running a stop sign on an interstate highway . Common sense doesn’t exist in Island Pond Vermont !! Tourist take note …Vermont is nothing like the Newhart TV series !!

State Highway 114 near School

Island Pond, VermontJul 24, 20070 Comments

All of Island Pond is speed track suspect – but the town police like to sit at the school north of the 105 intersection – just on the far side of a rise (so you can’t see them as you drive North). The speed limit sign for increasing the speed is right there – but it is not legal to hit that speed until after the sign.


State Highway 114 near State Highway 105

Island Pond, VermontJan 19, 20060 Comments

There is a stop sign at the intersection of rt 114 north and rt 105. The stop sign is quite abit behind the white stop line. The local cop sits left of the intersection most nights. If you stop at the sign and not the white line it will appear on his video that you ran the sign.You will be ticketed. Use extreme caution on FRIDAY NIGHTS. (This is a vacation area and he likes to get tourist as soon as you enter town)

Rt 105 entering the town

Island Pond, VermontJul 14, 20021 Comments

Rte. 105 is posted at 50 mph. It suddenly drops to 35 mph at outskirts of town, and then even down to 30 mph. It will feel like you’re standing still. Speed limit is STRICTLY enforced; out-of-state plates are like a magnet and big source of revenue. Also, stop sign at intersection of Rt. 105 & Rt. 114 has the "local sheriff" sitting nearby, writing up tickets for "failure to come to a complete stop". He then signs the ticket if you have an out-of-state plate. Attempting to fight the ticket through the local court system is a joke!

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