Island Pond, Vermont Speed Traps

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Route # 114 / Route # 105 Stop Sign

Island Pond, VermontSep 25, 20170 Comments

There is a stop sign and ahead of you is a dirt parking area. Sheriff waits in that parking area with his lights off. Even if you come to a complete stop, he will turn his lights on and follow you for a while. Watch your speed while he is following you. He is very tricky. If he pulls you over, keep both hands in plain sight and do not make eye contact with him. He does not like direct eye contact. I avoid this area like the plague. Locals always play up the fact that they voted out the constable they had years ago, but the new Sheriff is just as eager to write tickets. Tickets keep the taxes down for the residents. This is a small town with no industry. Your best action is to avoid this town, it has nothing for tourists except the eager Sheriff of Brighton and his ticket book.

Visitor Center

Island Pond, VermontSep 22, 20170 Comments

Sheriff watches vehicles leaving the parking lot at the restaurant . He follows them as they leave. Even if you use your turn signal, the sheriff will state that you did NOT. You will get a ticket. Stay Clear of Island is not visitor friendly at all. Your money is not wanted in this town. The good folks claim the previous constable was voted out and that may be true, the sheriff they have now is just as vigilant about giving tickets to out of town visitors.


Island Pond, VermontSep 19, 20170 Comments

ISLAND POND Police Department no longer supports its citizens with services, instead they are constantly on the lookout for travelers passing through for revenue. DO NOT SPEND MONEY FOR GAS FOOD LODGING ANYTHING IN ISLAND POND, BOYCOTT this crooked little town that will ALWAYS FIND YOU GUILTY CHARGE RIDICULOUS FEES AND FINES its not about public safety, its about revenue. Whatever happened to police departments that “protected and served”???

Visitors Center accross from Essex House Restaurant

Island Pond, VermontSep 08, 20170 Comments

Sheriff waits in visitors Center Parking lot and watches patrons leaving the restaurant parking lot. If you do not use your turn signals you get a ticket. Most do get a ticket.

island pond visitor center

Island Pond, VermontSep 07, 20170 Comments

Sheriff waits in the parking lot of the visitor center. When cars are leaving the newly opened restaurant ESSEX HOUSE on cross street, they get tickets if they fail to use direction signals. Essex House just opened this year, they have their own parking lot for patrons. If you exit the parking lot and proceed onto cross Street, you need to wait at least thirty seconds before pulling or or you get a failure to stop (3 points) and you must use your direction signals (two points) .

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