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Speed Traps in Darien, Georgia

You are currently viewing a listing of speed traps in Darien, Georgia. Browse more Georgia speed traps.

I 95 southbound   Darien, Georgia

I was traveling south on I 95 on a friday in November at 12;30 pm. There is always heavy traffic on I 95 southbound on any Friday afternoon. There were 4 patrol cars parked in the grass on the other side of the emergency lane(1 lane distant from the right most lane of I 95.) They were parked around a perfectly square little grass fire with 1 officer tending it. I slowed but didn't move over due to the traffic. I was pulled over and issued a ticket for a $705.00 fine with no questions of comments. the ticket said that there was no traffic in the center lanes and that I was traveling at an unsafe speed. Both lies. A local lawyer told me by phone that I had little chance of getting the fine reduced so I guess the judge is in on the racket. I live 150 miles away. An obvious trap BEWARE. I will accept the points as I have had no other tickets in the last 20 years. I am a save driver and I was when I was issued this ticket.

Jan 2, 2015   Georgia   0 comments

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McIntosh County   Darien, Georgia

I was traveling North on I-95 right after lunch, on my way to Raleigh. It was congested and I was In the far left lane trapped in the flow of traffic when we encountered a number of Sheriff Deputies pulling people over on both sides of the road. Driving my mom's brand new white Volvo with a Florida tag, I spotted blue lights in the median just ahead, but due to the crowded lane I had only a few seconds to try to 'move over' into the next lane. I refused to plow into the other lane without turning to look and safely change lanes. The law reads..." Make a lane change into a lane not adjacent to the authorized emergency vehicle if possible in the existing safety and traffic conditions." As everyone slowed and I had to pass the blue lights, still in the left lane, immediately another deputy bolted in behind me and moved me across 3 lanes and gave me a ticket. I understand the reason for the law. I don't think I had a chance to safely 'move over' safely. The median where the speeder was pulled was too narrow to do it safely. On the way back days later in the same county, they were pulling people again on the southbound lanes. A small compact car with a young girl suddenly swerved into my lane, forced over to avoid a semi tractor trailer who suddenly swerved in front of her, to avoid a blue light on the left shoulder of I-95. I don't think it's a good idea for the deputies to be so reckless, they are going to cause some bad wrecks. I have more to say about just trying to pay my ticket, as I live 6 hours away, the phone calls and run around and the threat of losing my I paid the $745 on line and made a personal vow never to drive through McIntosh County again.

Dec 5, 2014   Georgia   0 comments

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US 17 Highway outside of Darien, Georgia   Darien, Georgia

Came through Darien area because I was lost. Just turned around at a store headed back and out of nowhere a McIntosh County deputy pulls me over and wrote me a ticket for going 73 mph in a 55. I had just turned around and I never drive that fast anyway. How could I prove it? A few days later, I receive 4 post cards from local attorneys that were offering to keep points off of my license and prevent my license from being suspended. On court day (5-14-14), I was present and plead guilty to prevent going to a jury trial. They reduced the speed to 59 in a 55 and the fine was $180 plus $60 court cost. There was no points on my license since I was in court and pled guilty. There is no way that I was traveling 73 mph to begin with. It was just a way to extract $240 from me. In the past me and my family would visit 3 popular seafood restaurants periodically, but never again. On court day, I observed the sheriffs dept patrol cars out waiting on prey. Last trip to McIntosh County and Darien.

Aug 6, 2014   Georgia   0 comments

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Right at the McIntosh County Border   Darien, Georgia

I have not been pulled over, yet, because I just always drive slow. I travel this route six times a week. There has not been a day when a speed trap is not in effect. Over aggressive but I appreciate safety so no bother. But this past week I watched multiple cars forced onto the shoulder to avoid running into a giant sac of what looked like garden mulch that had fallen off a gardeners truck. Sitting right in the middle of the left tire track in the far right lane. I saw the commotion and merged left. As I merged left I saw 2 police cars shooting radar not more than 100 yards from this obstacle in the road. As I looked in my mirror to merge left I saw a Policeman comming up behind me, I thought to myself that he would be removing the obsticle. Much to my chagrin, he blew past me at what I estate as 90 mph and pulled in the center median a 1/4 mile down from the other Policemen, Jumped out of his car as if he was stopping a bank robber, and started shooting his radar at south bound traffic. Is this some kind of joke? Are these policemen so hyper focused on giving tickets that they didn't see people forced off the road to avoid an accident. Or do they have such a superiority complex that they don't see it as their job to remove this obsticle. Perhaps if they acted like Peace Officers instead of Revenue Rambos, they would deserve their badge. They Policemen people's lives at risk in favor of financial gain. Is that not criminal?

Feb 15, 2014   Georgia   0 comments

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I95 McIntosh County Georgia   Darien, Georgia

On my way to see my parents for Christmas, I was traveling North on I95 (near Darien, Ga) with my cruise control set to 79 mph when suddenly a truck swerved in behind me in the right lane. My family was startled by how close the truck had come to us before swerving in behind us. It was not until the truck had squeezed in behind me that he turned on his blue lights. I immediately pulled over on to the shoulder and stopped. A local deputy came up to my window and asked for my drivers license (not insurance or registration). He went back to his truck and quickly returned to my window with a ticket siting me as speeding 88 mph in a 70 speed limit. On the ticket he had also marked Traffic as Light and took the time to provide me with an unsolicited comment that his radar was calibrated earlier that day. I knew to just keep quiet because it "smelled" like a set up (as I knew my speed and how heavy the traffic was) and I did not want to give the deputy any excuses to further ruin our Christmas vacation. This was such an obvious trap that my children immediately commented on the excitement of the deputy to hand me a ticket and on the inaccuracy of his accusations. Drivers beware!!!

Dec 25, 2013   Georgia   0 comments

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