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Speed Traps in Darien, Georgia

You are currently viewing a listing of speed traps in Darien, Georgia. Browse more Georgia speed traps.

highway 95   Darien, Georgia

Darien Police Department no longer supports its citizens w/services, Why? They are constantly on highway 95 milking travelers passing through for revenue. DO NOT SPEND MONEY FOR GAS FOOD LODGING ANYTHING IN DARIEN, BOYCOTT this crooked little town that will ALWAYS FIND YOU GUILTY CHARGE RIDICULOUS FEES AND FINES its not about public safety, its about revenue. Whatever happened to police departments that "protected and served"???

Oct 29, 2015   Georgia   0 comments

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McIntosh County Ga (near Darien)   Darien, Georgia

Traveling north on I 95 and I was doing between 75-78 MPH as was most of the other traffic around me. I saw the flashing lights ahead but could not tell what lane they were in so I moved to the right and maintained my speed or slowed a bit. I saw a black pick-up on the right side of the road and as I approached I saw a guy in a black polo shirt and black pants point angrily at me and point to the side of the road. I was shocked that he would be indicating that I pull over. I looked down at that time and my speed was 73MPH. I saw the markings on the pick-up were County Sheriff. I found a safe place to pull over. There were four other cars pulled over in the same area. The deputy approached my car on the passenger side and said that he had me doing 85MPH. I responded with an adamant "NO"! I had been traveling for 3 hours at that point and at no time did I exceed 80MPH. If I saw 78 on the LED screen indicator I backed it down to 75MPH and had many people passing me the whole time. The deputy asked me how fast I was going and I responded that when I looked it was 73MPH. He snorted and took my license. When he returned, I asked him where he clocked me doing 85MPH because I knew that I was not going any where near that speed. He said "So, we are out here just making stuff up?" I said, "I do not know what you are doing but I know that I was not driving over 80MPH let alone 85MPH." He then told me to call a number on the back of my ticket to find out what my fine was and told me to sign the ticket. He said it was not an admission of guilt but just indicated that I acknowledged receiving the ticket. My wife was in the passenger seat and witnessed this entire conversation. Over a week later, I called the McIntosh County clerk. I was told that by signing the ticket with the box checked license in lieu of arrest that I had admitted my guilt so I could not challenge the ticket in court. How convenient! Either the clerk lied or the deputy lied. Also 85MPH conveniently bumps you up to a pretty hefty fine as opposed to the less than 10 mph over that I was actually doing. This is not only a speed trap but the people running it are not trustworthy. The next time I drive through McIntosh County on I95 I will have my Go-Pro recording and it will show the LED screen with my actual MPH. If it happens again, I will have my day in court. Yes, I had out of state plates which seems to be a common theme with the outrageous inflation of speed charged on the tickets.

Sep 9, 2015   Georgia   1 comments

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I-95 mile marker 45   Darien, Georgia

driving through town on 4/28/2015 to meet up with grandkids.We were following behind a brown murcery(it going 85ish) it passed us miles back and was slowly pulling away from us, the driver a silver haired lady with instate tags.I had my car at 78(safe,maybe not a ticket speed) and my garman reading 80 and as soon as the murcery passed the officer (setting the middle of the mediam) he started to pull out at the same time we were passing were he was setting.he pulle up along side me ten droped behind me tailgating me so I signal to move over a lane and he flipped on his lights.He asked me if I know why he stopped me I said no,he said because I was doing 88 I side there is no way I was going that fast but the brown car in front of me might of been going that fast,He said they braked there car (no brake lights seen)and he used a laser on me that was calibrated daily and cant be wrong.I'm driving a 2008 4 cylinder yaris loaded with luggage going up hill and 2 people.I old him there is no way I was going 88.He told me the court date and dispute the ticket in court.This ticket up set me enough to call the chief of police and leave him a message to call me.I didn't hear from him so I called the police dept the next day and asked to speak to who ever is in charge of the day shift they transferred me to the circuit clerk who was nice an explained that all tickets over 85 is a super speeder ticket with an extra $200.00 that funds the state tramu centers.She said they can mail me a form (to admit to driving 84) and drop the speeding to 84 to save from paying to super speeding ticket,BUT I said I wasn't going anywhere near that speed either and would not complain and be happy to pay if they wanted to ticket me for 80 the speed I was going.I asked the clerk to please still pass my number on to the person in charge.The next day I get a call from guy who went over the fact that the lazer is checked daily and I cant be wrong.I told him BUT I wasn't going that fast.He said I believe you really think you were not ,but maybe I had my cruise up higher then I thought(I told him I don't have cruise)

May 6, 2015   Georgia   0 comments

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Going south on I-95   Darien, Georgia

I was passing through last week,my speed was at 78 and following behind brown mercury (with in-state tags)this car was going 84ish.The police car pulled out as soon as it passed at the same time I passed where the officer was setting at.He pulled up along side of me then then dropped behind me and tailgated for awhile so i thought he wanted me to move out of his way,so I signaled and moved over a lane he then turned on his lights. He said clocked me going 88. I told him there is no way i was going 88, but 78 is the speed I was at.He gave me the ticket and said I can dispute the ticket on the court date.I called the chief of police and left a message, then I called back the next day and she explained there will be an added fee added for anyone going over 85(super speeding), I then ask her to pass my number on to who ever is in-charge of the day shift and called me back the next day and said the laser is calibrated and checked daily so it cant be wrong,I told him I was NOT going 88 .and he said I believe that you think were not going that that fast. He said Maybe I had my cruise set higher? I have no cruise, I'm driving a 2008 yaris, 4 cylinder car loaded with luggage and 2 people.No way I was going that fast!!

May 4, 2015   Georgia   0 comments

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I-95 Northbound   Darien, Georgia

I wasn't surprised to find out this was a speed trap when I searched for how to pay my ticket. I was going with the flow of traffic in the left lane at about 80 mph, I saw a cop ahead on the left shoulder, slowed down to 75 and moved over a lane. Immediately, he got in his car, sped up and got behind me. He charged me with going 85 in a 70. If it had even been 84 I would have had a lesser fine so I'm sure that was on purpose. All of the cars around me were going the same speed, but I think he singled me out because I had VA tags. I had never gotten pulled over before but that didn't seem to matter to him; he was very rude and didn't seem to have any sympathy for me fumbling to get my license and registration out when I was nearly having a panic attack. I looked ahead and there was another cop who had pulled someone over about 500 ft in front of me on the left - I imagine they went through the same thing I did, since no one was speeding above the flow of traffic. Also, if anyone was actually going 70, they'd get rear ended in a second. I'm absolutely avoiding this place the next time I drive through here, since the only other option is to risk getting flattened going 70 so I don't get another ticket.

May 3, 2015   Georgia   0 comments

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