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Speed Traps in Darien, Georgia

You are currently viewing a listing of speed traps in Darien, Georgia. Browse more Georgia speed traps.

If you are looking for help with a Georgia speeding ticket, visit the NMA list of Georgia Traffic Attorneys.

I-95S in Darien Georgia   Darien, Georgia

About 4AM on October 1, 2016 I was traveling South on I-95. I was running 75-80MPH when I saw blue lights. I fully expected the officer to tell me he clocked me at 80, however he said he clocked me at 95. I requested that he recheck his radar because I knew I was not going above 80. He said he checked and that it was accurate. I pleaded with him because I cannot afford to lose my license. He changed the ticket to 88 in a 70. I thought this was better. I found out later that it was considered a super speeder which fines added up to 380.00 and an increase in insurance. Throughout the remainder of my long drive I paid closer attention to what the speed checkers in construction zones registered as well as other traffic speeds around me. I was really questioning the calibration of my car but all those questions were put to rest when I had my car checked to ensure accuracy.

Oct 21, 2016   Georgia   0 comments

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I 95 mile market 49 northbound in Darien Ga   Darien, Georgia

I was last in a line of 4 cars that were over taking 2 18 wheelers, in the middle lane, with basically no other traffic around for miles. I was traveling about 75 mph. The sun was just barely coming up on a tuesday morning. There were orange barrels off the right shoulder in the grass. A sherriff was waiting at an overpass/underpass just before mile marker 49. He claimed the speed limit was 60, although I had just recently seen a sign for 70. Apparently there is a single, smaller less obvious sign just before the speed trap. I was being passed on the left by a white SUV. but the cop pulled behind me, I presumed because I was the last car in the pack and so the easy target. He claimed I was doing 84, but I was certain I was about 75 to 77. He didnt say anything except asked for drivers license and registration, and then said signing the ticket was not an admission of guilt, stated the court date and said I could call the number for the fine. It was basically dark and his vehicle was not visible until you passed him at the underpass. It was a dark painted SUV with the words Sheriff on it. After he gave me the ticket, he drove the wrong way down the highway and right back to the underpass. A week later, on my return trip, I verified signage and location, and sure enough the cop was sitting there again.

Aug 8, 2016   Georgia   2 comments

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I-95 northbound darien,Georgia,macintosh county.   Darien, Georgia

Northbound on the way to a Memorial Day veterans benefit at Ft Bragg,NC with mother and daughter. Florida plates,Alaska drivers license,my age 58 and no tickets in many years. Cruise control at 77,10% over the speed limit to keep up with the flow of traffic. County officer pulled me over,not a State Trooper.WTH! Asked for dl and registration. Not a single comment besides dl,reg. Returned with a ticket of doing 85 mph and I said no way!!! Asked may I see the radar gun with that speed? He said,I don't have to and to sign the ticket for reciept of the ticket. I signed the ticket and he told me the court date was on the ticket. Those are all the words the officer with tattooed arms all the way to the wrist had spoken. If I lived closer to Georgia,I would fight this,but coming from Alaska,it's a bit of a stretch. Will look for alternatives.

Jun 30, 2016   Georgia   0 comments

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I95 Northbound MM 46 to 49 on Bridge   Darien, Georgia

Time: ~ Approximately 10:15pm to 11:00Pm on a Monday. ( Conditions were Dark. Clear Weather ~70 degrees.. Location; Officer was parked on the Bridge. Far right shoulder (Break Down lane) No lights/No obvious reflectors. I was traveling in the far right, slowest lane with cruise set at 74mph. I noted the setting of the cruise as there were two officers in the south bound lanes with cars stopped. (Thinking speed trap or possible traffic issues ahead.) There was a semi tractor/trailer approaching from my rear in the left adjacent lane, over taking me when I saw the police car with the driver's door wide open and the officer scrambling to get into the car. Once I saw the car and the car door, I moved left, the lane was occupied by the truck/trailer. The event was unexpected and a bit startling. I reset the cruise and maintained traveling in the far right driving lane at 74mph. The patrol vehicle lights were approaching from behind. As he approached, I looked for a safe spot, wide enough to get off the driving lane, placed my turn signal for a right turn maneuver, and pulled off to allow the officer to pass. The officer pulled in behind me. he approached the right side of my car and tapped on the window. I rolled down the window. Officer stated he clocked me going 85 in a 70. He did not ask me "why I was being stopped". He did not allow me to speak. I responded that my cruise was set on 74mph. I stated that his unlit vehicle startled me. I told him that he was not visible. He responded "I don't have to be visible". I asked to see the method that showed I was traveling 85 mph. he stated he did not have to show me the Laser gun. He stated "I had the laser aimed at the roof of your vehicle". "it only sees one vehicle at a time". I told him that he was in error, He stated that my cruise was in error. Georgia has a classification of SUPERSPEEDER for speeds 85 mph and greater. This adds $200.00 to all other fines. The City Police officer was young. He was arrogant. He appeared to be on a mission. I have no points or accidents on my current driving record. I drive approximately 40,000 miles per year as we have a home in Florida and WV. I worked in numerous different states. I drive my personal vehicle as well as many rental cars.

Jun 15, 2016   Georgia   1 comments

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I95 mile marker 48   Darien, Georgia

I was traveling South on Motorcycle in far right hand lane. Patrol sitting on left side of road car facing oncoming traffic. Traffic was heavy including semis and out of state vehicles. I am from Brunswick and am very aware of the fund raiser they have going there. It is no secret to the local community. I changed lanes to get out of the way of a truck and car that had unintentionally cut me off. The officer pulled up behind me and stated I was going 89. This item seems to be a common speed for this blog. I was not going that speed. I was asked why I was going that fast, I stated to get out of danger. Officer stated that if I was getting out of the way, it would seem that slowing down would have been more appropriate. Obviously, the officer was making a case for his video. Like the other reports I too was informed to sign and it not an admission of guilt. I was shown the 1-800 pay your fine phone line and also how to pay online. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this commercialized ticket system? I was told that they use laser to detect speed. Was told it will only detect one vehicle. That is a line of un-truths. Like a statistic; can make it say whatever you want it to say. If someone in the pack of cars is going faster, the officer can at their discretion, lock in the speed detected and pull over anyone near and say it was them. If I was indeed going 89 it was to get out of danger. By pulling over a motorcycle on a busy I95 I was again put in danger by the officer. Was this officer prepared to ram the motorcycle if he (me) didn't pull over immediately? I would hope not, but venture to say that it could happen. Quota and speed traps are not legal in GA. However, goals and projected fines are not quotas. Speed traps are impossible to prove because they are based on a % of the money that goes to the department writing the citation. This is a speed trap and not everyone who gets fined for doing 89 was going that fast; someone was, but not necessarily the person signing the ticket. I am saddened to see city and county police on Interstate 95 writing speeding tickets to supplement their wages and city budget. That is a State Patrol function for public safety. This is what policing has come to in McIntosh County, Georgia.

May 5, 2016   Georgia   1 comments

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