Scottsdale, Arizona Speed Traps

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Frank Lloyd Wright just east of Greenway-Hayden

Scottsdale, ArizonaMar 31, 20141 Comments

It has the red line painted in the street like it’s a red light camera but I went through this morning and it flashed me and the light was green. I have a good radar detector which has never gone off at that point so I don’t believe it’s radar based. Could be sensors in the road for speed but they are notoriously unreliable.


Scottsdale, ArizonaApr 07, 20120 Comments

Scottsdale has a corrupt officer who is sitting on the right side of the side road taking radar. You drive westbound on Osborn past the clubhouse for the golf course and the road dips down into the wash. He can see your vehicle coming from the stop light. He is pulling people over AND REFUSING TO SHOW YOU THE RADAR AND WHEN HE DOES, HE HAS ALREADY ERASED THE RECORDING–HES A DECEPTIVE COP, THEN MAKES UP OTHER TICKETS AGAINST YOU BASED ON THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR VEHICLE. He also sits on Chapparal between Miller and Scottsdale Road behind a retaining wall of flowers and bushes. Hes listed as a deadbeat dad on ripoff-report dot com too.

Southbound on Scottsdale Rd at Shea making a left turn

Scottsdale, ArizonaJul 12, 20112 Comments

Camera – if any portion of your vehicle in not across the "red dotted line" you will get a red light violation. The problem is that the red line is past the walkway lines and you cannot see it. So when the light turns yellow STOP even if you risk the car behind you rear ending you! My rear tires were on the red line & it resulted in a ticket for $242.00 plus you must attend Traffic Survival School (along with those convicted of DUI) for $75.00 and the points go on your record. You cannot chose to go to Defensive Driving School. They equate a red light violation with a DUI!

Thomas Rd – between Hayden & Pima

Scottsdale, ArizonaFeb 20, 20110 Comments

Speed camera van is frequently on Thomas Rd, between Hayden & Pima, near Granite Reef. Van can be found on either side of the road (eastbound/ westbound). I have seen it there mornings, lunchtime (not as much though), and evenings.

Also, a motorcycle cop likes to sit in the apartments, just east of Hayden, right next to the liquor store, and catch people westbound on Thomas. There is a "Your Speed Is ##" on a 40mph sign there, so I’m sure you have no defense for that one.

Granite Reef Just South of McDonald

Scottsdale, ArizonaFeb 18, 20110 Comments

School Zone Photo Van. (15 posted) Set it off going over 20ish on my Bike! Periodically there. NOTE: Usual 11 over to set off Photo Van doesn’t seem to apply to school zones. I think I was going a hair under 20.

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