Vancouver, British Columbia Speed Traps

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Georgia Viaduct Eastbound at the down ramp to Main str

Vancouver, British ColumbiaSep 11, 20150 Comments

As you come eastbound from Georgia Str, around the corner by the Rogers Arena you are about 200 meters away from the speed trap consisting of 2 police cars stationed underneath the big green sign for the Main street exit. One police man uses a laser gun and the other interrogates speeders.

So, far mostly fancy cars like Porsches or BMW’s seem to get caught. I guess it’s the cars that make speeding fun but not profitable.

Put a sticker on your dash board to DRIVE DEFENSIVELY !!
Have a good weekend

Rules here say “Most speed trap alerts will be approved within 24 hours”.
Haha, what a joke reporting the speed trap. In a couple hours the cops are gone. Good luck with approving the speed trap.

Powell Street Overpass, both directions

Vancouver, British ColumbiaFeb 15, 20150 Comments

Traffic on Powell Street Overpass between Hawks Ave and Clark Dr has been flowing at rate of 60-70 km/h, but police have started actively enforcing 50 km/h speed limit from February 2015.

Enforcement takes place from Monday to Saturday after morning rush hour using multiple unmarked cars and bike police targeting both directions. Eastbound traffic towards Clark is more vulnerable as police can hide on Vernon Dr, which have limited vision from eastbound Powell St.

Georgia Viaducts Eastbound after Main St. Exit

Vancouver, British ColumbiaMay 08, 20140 Comments

Motorcycle Police setup just before the Georgia Viaduct transitions into Prior St.

SW Marine Drive near Camosun & 41st Ave, either direction.

Vancouver, British ColumbiaApr 28, 20140 Comments

Both or either direction on any given day, on this four lane divided road where the speed limit is an absurd 50km/h. The four lane section narrows to two (east-bound), so they have the limit drop way, way back in order to make a high-yield speed trap. West-bound the speed limit is held at 50km/h far too long, again to make a long stretch of open four lane highway where the limit is 50 or 60 km/h, rising to only 80km/h nearly 1 km from the start of the four lane divided road.
West-bound the cops lurk like thieves among the dark bushes. Eastbound they hide behind parked cars, leaping dangerously into traffic, generally causing distraction. Hope no one gets killed here due to their irresponsible activity.

On W 7th @ Heather St

Vancouver, British ColumbiaDec 19, 20130 Comments

Ticketing drivers going westbound straight thru intersection on 7th on the right turn only restriction.

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