El Cajon, California Speed Traps

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Between Greenfield and Los Coaches…The old Hwy. 80. S

El Cajon, CaliforniaAug 22, 20120 Comments

Since the CHIPS is located off Greenfield St. and in front of the Old HWY 80..or Main St. The Highway patrol travels at times East towards Los Coaches. As you drive West on the Old HWy. 80 you are being checked by radar and even seen trying to put on the brakes as the hill allows your car to speed. He could be coming towards you about 500 yards and zap you on radar. I got a ticket on August 29, 2006. Also look out for big SUV and trucks trying to push you to speed…Let them go and so they open up the road for you. I call this tailgating and harrassment….look out early in the morning..when you are late for work or an appointment.

Fury Lane & Wieghorst Intersection

El Cajon, CaliforniaNov 04, 20100 Comments

Not a speed trap rather a Stop Trap…CHP sits on Wieghorst about 200-300 ft from the three-way stop sign and nails people running or rolling the stop sign on the downhill side of Fury. CHP’s are typically seen after dark but don’t risk it I have seen them during the day as well. No California stops here unless you wanna be stopped for a while, while you wait for your friendly CHP to liesurely write you a ticket! Beware & be smart my fellow drivers!!

I-8 West, in between Main St. exit and Severin Drive exit

El Cajon, CaliforniaAug 06, 20100 Comments

In the past week, I’ve seen a motorcycle CHP officer pulled over, pointing his radar gun at traffic at least twice, and I’ve also seen a CHP patrol car pulled over just past the onramp to I-8 west from Main St. I’ve already encountered a few vehicles pulled over by CHP; most have been around the bend, midway between Main St. and Severin Drive. Midday (from 10am to 1pm) seems to be peak hours for CHP at this speed trap location; I rarely see any patrolling here at other times.

East and West Willow Glen Drive

El Cajon, CaliforniaJul 10, 20100 Comments

Near Hillsdale Road, the CHP will nail you for exceeding the posted speed limit and DON’T go over the double yellow line, it’s there for a reason. I’ve seen many people receive tickets, I’m a regular on that road.

Fletcher Parkway (Eastbound Side) West of Cuyamaca Street

El Cajon, CaliforniaJul 07, 20100 Comments

There usually is a motorcycle police officer with radar on the side street – Buena Terrace (just after the park on the south side of Fletcher Parkway) that waits for vehicles speeding down Fletcher Parkway. This area has been monitored for speeders driving down the hill on Fletcher Parkway for over thirty years. Beware! The posted speed limit is 50 MPH. If you are not careful, it’s real easy to exceed the speed limit on the downward side of the Fletcher Parkway. After you pass Cuyamaca Street, the posted speed limit reduces to 40 MPH.

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