San Jose, California Speed Traps

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Hwy 680 North and South bound

San Jose, CaliforniaNov 15, 20100 Comments

Keep your eyes open for the CHP sitting in the middle of the road way. They are using instant on radar and catch people going a little faster than the traffic flow.

They are using both cars and bikes so keep an eye out

Blossom Hill rd and Poukeepskie

San Jose, CaliforniaNov 10, 20101 Comments

When coming off Hwy 101 onto Blossom Hill rd coming down the overpass they sit at the bottom of the pass and scan your speed on top of pass. Be careful

North bound 1600 Oakland Rd approaching Brokaw Rd

San Jose, CaliforniaOct 27, 20100 Comments

In the mornings SJPD will sit in front of my office and pull over speeders all morning long. They must pull over 20 speeders a morning.

Santa Teresa @ Allen Ave.

San Jose, CaliforniaOct 19, 20100 Comments

With the amount of bad road on Santa Teresa it appears the SJPD needs some funds to fix the road way. They have been running radar there off and on for a few weeks. Being a 4 lane road it is easy to get going a little to fast.

Blossom Hill Road – Before Leigh travelling Westbound

San Jose, CaliforniaOct 04, 20100 Comments

I live on Blossom Hill Road and see this all the time. This information is up-to-date as of 9/29/2010. Note – this is mostly for morning commute traffic – but I have also seen them throughout the day as well.

As you are travelling Westbound on BHR there are motorcycle police hiding behind a tree on the corner of Blossom Hill Road and Del Oro Drive. The police are using LIDAR, and they they are targeting drivers leaving the traffic signal at Harwood, a few blocks East of their location.

When you come up to Del Oro Drive, a police officer walks out into BHR, flags you over and one of many police officers waiting there will write you a ticket.

The speed limit on BHR is 35 MPH, but most people are easily travelling 40+ BHR is a major thoroughfare – so many people are travelling on it every work day morning.

They are there catching people all morning long. The solution – drive 35 the whole way.

I’m upset because the police are targetting people on their way to work – there are zero police officers on BHR on Friday and Saturday night when kids are racing down BHR at 70+ MPH in their riced out Honda’s.

The map coordinates are here:

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