San Juan Capistrano, California Speed Traps

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Intersection of Ortega Hwy. (off the 5 frwy) at Del Obispo

San Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaJul 22, 20111 Comments

This is not only a speed trap, but drivers beware! If you are stuck in the middle of that intersection because you cannot drive forward (bad jam-ups, even after your light has turned green and movement to proceed is blocked), immediately the cameras go off! Those hold-ups arise due to those people accessing the 5 north frwy. entrance over the bridge. Stay away from that area and try all other routes. Those cameras can go off at least 4 times in one setting! Worst intersection around!

5 South at 73 Overpass

San Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaJun 23, 20110 Comments

Heading south on the 5 Freeway, just past Avery Parkway is the 73 overpass. Many times they have an officer with a radar gun in the middle of the 5 freeway behind the large overpass pillar and then several officers on the 73 on ramp to the 5 south. You do not see the radar person until you are right there and the other cars, lined up like taxis up out of sight, will be radioed to get you. Many times I have seen up to half a dozen people pulled over between the 73 on ramp and Ortega Highway! Do not believe me? Next time you are cruising south down the 5, notice how all the locals slow down, myself included, just before the 73 overpass. I use this when traveling elsewhere as well. If a lot of people start slowing down for no apparent reason, I do too. Better safe than ticketed!!!!!

Camino del Avion at Del Obispo School

San Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaMar 23, 20100 Comments

A motor officer sits across from the school to monitor traffic. What makes it confusing for some is the placement of the speed limit signs, and the times. It is a 40 MPH zone before and once past the school, or if no children are present. It is 25MPH if children are present. Speeds and times seem to be flexible in the Officer’s minds. If you see even one child, slow to 25 MPH. Since many find the posted signs confusing, it’s an easy place to get a ticket.

Ortega Highway east of the 5 freeway

San Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaMar 23, 20101 Comments

Motorcycle officers are posted on Ortega Hwy. on a regular basis. Generally, they are 1 to 1.5 miles east of the 5 freeway. Usually they are hidden on the right side of the road. With the high school in, be very aware to at least San Antonio. With the Ortega Hwy traffic increasing and the highway expanding, expect periodic traps to at least Casper’s Park.

Southbound Toll Road 73 at intersection of I-5

San Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaJan 06, 20100 Comments

When heading southbound on the 73 Toll Road, where it ends and merges into the southbound I-5, a CHP patrol car likes to sit just on the I-5 side of the on-ramp to catch people speeding down the on-ramp on to the I-5. The 73 on-ramp blocks the CHP patrol car from the view of motorists as they head down the incline on to the I-5 (there is a little cut-out on the I-5 side where the CHP patrol car typically sits).

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