Rockford, Illinois Speed Traps

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S/B Logan north of Rt. 20.

Rockford, IllinoisJan 04, 20160 Comments

Police sit in the area and stop vehicles for speeding. I was the third vehicle in line, following traffic, and I was stopped and ticketed for speeding. 62 in a 45. My question is how can he pick out the third vehicle without using laser radar. Answer, he can’t. Radar locks onto the largest target, which would have been the first or possibly the second vehicle but deffeniatly not the third. Boone County Sheriff needs to be trained in the use of radar and public relations. BEWARE IN BOONE COUNTY.

On Charles Street between Mulford and Perryville

Rockford, IllinoisSep 05, 20120 Comments

Speed limit is 35 mph on Charles in this section. Police car is usually parked back off the entrance of Arlington park cemetery on the north side of the road. This is a straight stretch of road and all other main streets surrounding Charles is posted at 45 mph and many assume Charles is also 45 mph.

Newburg Rd just east of Alpine Rd

Rockford, IllinoisAug 22, 20100 Comments

They will line up chase cars that are blocked by a white building at the stop-light. An officer standing just off the roadway shoots the radar gun, and they trap cars coming down a hill from Hillcrest Rd, from the east. Even if if you are going the speed limit at the crest your momentum speeds your car up, unless you ride your brakes…

North Main St., north of Fulton Ave.

Rockford, IllinoisAug 22, 20100 Comments

About a quarter mile north of Fulton Avenue, north of Eddy Avenue and south of Halsted. They stage a group of chase cars while an officer stands on the curb shooting the radar…. The end of the month is bad and just before noon, and morning work traffic is the target.

Alpine and Harrison to US 20

Rockford, IllinoisJun 24, 20100 Comments

40 mph zone they are parking on Grinnell Drive and shooting as you pass cant see them behind the bushes and trees on the corner til its too late

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