Rockford, Illinois Speed Traps

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US Highway 20 near Montague Road

Rockford, IllinoisNov 28, 20050 Comments

This one hits the westbound lanes of US20 on the way out to the Winnebago/Freeport area. They sit on the Montague exit overpass and time people coming around the bend and over the slight rise in the west bound lanes of 20. Usually have 4-5 squad cars lined up right after Montague to nab you. It’s also worth noting that a bronze colored, unmarked suburban often pulls cars over in this area. They like to hit you in the late afternoon and/or weekends.

Perryville Road near Sping Creek/Guilford Roads

Rockford, IllinoisNov 28, 20050 Comments

This one is fairly renown in the area. On Perryville between SpringCreek road and Guilford road they quite often do the group pull-overs in both directions. This is a nice open stretch that feels like it should be 55 even though it is 45. This has been broken up a little by the addition of a new light.

20 Bypass near Between I-39 and I-90

Rockford, IllinoisApr 21, 20050 Comments

The US Route 20 Rockford bypass between I-39 and I-90. Traffic from I-39 merges onto US 20 for a few miles between the northern termination of I-39 and I-90 at Cherry Valley Illinois. Traffic in both lanes is patrolled by the Illinois Radar cops who give no warning tickets even when circumstances warrant them.

Spring Brook Road near Spring Creek Road

Rockford, IllinoisApr 20, 20040 Comments

They usually have someone in the trees or across the street not in a car that when they catch you speeding, radios you to someone down the road. They also hide in teh firestation and behind the hills that are present on the road.

North Second Street near Symbol, but similar traps occur in other parts of town too (Charles Street near 18th Street; Perryville Road to name two other locations I’ve seen this type of trap)

Rockford, IllinoisMar 20, 20030 Comments

Note: "AM rush hour" applies to "Symbol" area only-other locations occur at different times of day).
An officer usually stands outside just south of the Rockford Park District’s main office building with laser device. Typically clocks you as you drive near the "Symbol" sculpture (when you are heading southbound-haven’t seen any "northbound" enforcement yet). Officers are awaiting in line at the stoplight near the Sinnisippi Greenhouse to pull you over. This trap has also been performed with the "laser officer" kneeling on the right-side of the road near one of the lightposts located near the greenhouse’s lagoon instead of near the office building.
Also, this stretch of road sometimes has an empty "Rockford Police" car parked in the "exit ramp" area of Sinnisippi Park (the area used as the "emergency exit" during the annual "Festival of Lights") on the "northbound" side of the street-note the condensation on the car’s windows (ha ha ha!), esp. if the car has been there for awhile…
These "enforcement" actions are usually in place before 8 a.m. on days that they decide to target this stretch of "interstate-type" roadway-the decoy car usually is in place for a day at a time while the laser enforcement is only there for short time periods (probably due to the larger number of police involved).
Occasionally an IL state trooper will also be parked near the "Symbol" sculpture taking radar.
It seems as if one truely wanted to slow the traffic on this stretch of road, the police would drive in the traffic (both northbound and southbound at all times of the day) at 1 or 2 MPH below the 45 MPH posted limit and see who passes them, but this would not tie up morning rush traffic (by pulling over drivers on the "highway" portion of the road) and/or bring in ticket revenue like I’m guessing that the "laser" methods must do… (thus slowing traffic only on the day and time of enforcement).
As one who travels this stretch of roadway several times a day, the road in this stretch seems to be built for a higher limit than the posted 45 MPH (and is regularly driven on by many people going 60 MPH), so please be alert and watch your speed (both here and everywhere)!

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