Rockford, Illinois Speed Traps

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Newburg Road near Sequoia Road

Rockford, IllinoisAug 11, 20080 Comments

Speedtrap is located at Newburg Road and Sequoia Road (approx. 42.253078, -89.022390)
Rockford City Police commonly wait on Sequoia Road in a white unmarked vehicle with an officer in the vehicle pointing LIDAR up the hill to the East towards Easton Parkway (42.253002, -89.019337)
Speed limit approaching trap from the East drops from 40 mph to 30 mph before going up the hill to Easton Parkway, but sign is smallish.
Several Police Cars wait in the entrance to Alpine Park Pool next to the movie theater in order to catch the offenders before a turn onto Alpine Road or passing the light at Alpine Road onto Broadway Blvd. I have seen this trap in operation at anywhere from 12:00 noon until 4:00 PM.

N. Central Avenue near Halstead Road

Rockford, IllinoisAug 02, 20080 Comments

hides by fire station on central or by church on halsted, though you can’t go that fast with the road the way it is so they have eased off alot.

E. State Street near Prospect Street

Rockford, IllinoisMay 11, 20080 Comments

E. State Street is the major East to West thorofare into the downtown. The speed limit is 30mph on a fourlane street. Those hurrying back from lunch to downtown are especially vulnerable. A spotter uses a "radar/laser" gun to catch motorists. Two blocks later, a side street will have as many as four squads waiting to pick up the unsuspecting, late for work, motorist. Traffic ticket quotas are due to "shift" sergeants between the 14 – 17th of the month. Of course, they will tell you there’s no such thing as a quota of tickets. Even traffic officers have job performance requirements!

John DiGiacomo Street near John DiGiacomo Street

Rockford, IllinoisMay 04, 20080 Comments

No. Main St. in rockford, IL is one bad speed trap, this is a main road into and out of town on the north side, there is a major interscetion (Riverside Blvd) what they do is sit on the north bound lanes, one police car will be hitting the radar and down the street, there will be anywhere from 3-5 other police cars, writing out tickets. They do this only once in a while, when you get comfortable that they are NOT going to be there, that’s when they show up…people are used to driving faster then the posted speed (30MPG) which is completely crazy for a main street in a town of 150,000.

Interstate I39 near Baxter Road

Rockford, IllinoisMar 18, 20080 Comments

Trooper sits on Baxter Rd overpass and runs radar (usually on northbound traffic). After you crest the hill chase cars are waiting on the exit ramp to nail you. I saw this trap every monday morning during rush hour on my way back from Lasalle/Peru. These guys are ruthless – anyone going over 70mph gets it

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