Harahan, Louisiana Speed Traps

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Jefferson Highway at Huey P Long Bridge

Harahan, LouisianaJan 07, 20140 Comments

Officers are sitting at the bottom of the downramp at Jefferson Highway using radar gun all day long. They even patrol the Huey P. Long Bridge and pull people over from behind. This goes on EVERY day from 8am to 4pm during my work hours. Be careful…!

River Road and Hickory Ave.

Harahan, LouisianaAug 08, 20120 Comments

Speed limit drops from 35 to 20 as soon as you cross into Harahan.
The other problem is they routinely pull people over for “speeding” even though they were following traffic going the speed limit! This happened to me too. Officer pulled me over, said I was doing 38 in a 20. I was following a line of traffic, officer admitted was traveling at 20…I pointed out to him that was not logical. He then changed his story and said I came flying out of nowhere and caught up to the traffic even though I was following the traffic in front of me as we passed him waiting to pull out on River Road! I will fight it, but the courthouse is also in Harahan…. Good Old’ Boy club here!!! Stay out of Harahan if at all possible!!! They have speed traps Everywhere!!!

harris and posey ave.posey runs parallel to winn-dixie.

Harahan, LouisianaJul 20, 20100 Comments

Speed limit of 20 miles per hour.Stop signs at every block.The more obstacles the better the odds of violation.Every entrance to city has speed traps by dropping speed limits upon entering.Best advice to avoid by going around.Ticket cost 193 dollars for not completly stopping at one of five. Known as a calfornia stop.

Intersection of Hickory Ave. & Dock St.

Harahan, LouisianaDec 09, 20091 Comments

An officer is parked in his car in the parking lot of the apartment complex across the street from the China Palace Restaurant. I’ve normally seen them pull drivers over for failing to come to a complete stop at the stop sign during night time hours. This has been a regular occurrence recently (Nov ’09).

River Road near Colonial Country Club

Harahan, LouisianaSep 25, 20074 Comments

In Harahan fo about ten blocks at the west end of River Road the speed limit drops from 35 to to 20 Mph. The Harahan PD aggressively enforces this. 3 times out of five when I drive this route I see the police have someone pulled over. Since no one expects the speed limit to be 20, they do what they expect to be the speed limit – 35 as on the rest of the 8-mile stretch of River Road.

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