Washington, Louisiana Speed Traps

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I-49 through Washington, LA

Washington, LouisianaMar 26, 20140 Comments

City police are routinely handing out $200 fines for 5mph over the limit even when the cruise control is set to 3mph over. The city has voted in the Home Rule Charter to exempt them from having to remit ticket revenue to the state. They are reported to get 79% ($1.3 million) from traffic fines. May they suffer the wrath of the entire state.

I-49 through Washington, LA

Washington, LouisianaMar 26, 20140 Comments

City police pulled me over on I-49 for 80 in a 75 mph zone despite cruise set on 79 mph. Cop said they had a zero tolerance policy at 5 mph over the limit so I guess that if you are a bit lower, they just burn you for $200.00 and laugh all the way to the bank! Has anyone noticed that writing the tickets on the shoulder is a greater safe hazard than the 3-5 mph over the limit? Want to cause disrespect for police? Follow this policy.

Washington, Louisiana 1-49 southbound

Washington, LouisianaMar 25, 20140 Comments

Watch out! Washington means business. I got stopped for 7 over (82 in 75), despite that I was keeping pace with traffic. This was the quickest ticket I’ve ever experienced – in and out with a huge fine in less than 5 minutes. The behavior was scary though, she hardcore tailgated me for awhile, finally flicked her lights to pull me over, was a total robot when she spoke to me, and too she had gold teeth and a t-shirt on. She peeled out (horizontally across the highway) to go pull over someone else headed northbound as soon as she got back in the car. There were a couple of them out there and they were just cherry-picking quick targets to stop.

Washington, Louisiana – IH 49

Washington, LouisianaMar 19, 20140 Comments

Looked like kids riding go carts but it was 4 cop cars fishtailing across the median pulling people over with me being one of them 83 in a 75. Yes, I admit to speeding but the way the cops acted was an outrage, the good thing is they only had me pulled over for a total of less than 5 minutes to write the ticket. They have this down to a science on this section of 49. Beware and slow down, let’s break this small corrupt Louisiana town.

Washington Louisiana

Washington, LouisianaOct 28, 20130 Comments

Be aware of this speed trap. Very unprofessional department. Officers wear t-shirts and jeans and swears you were going 3 over the speed limit. He did inform me that I could appear in "Mayors Court" to dispute the 3 over claim. Research indicated the mayor is the police chief’s brother- in- law. Just avoid the darn state and you will be fine.

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