Washington, Louisiana Speed Traps

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I-49 Exit 25, a couple hundred yards before and after

Washington, LouisianaJan 15, 20190 Comments


Town limits include 500 yards of I-49 around Exit 25. They will write $2 million in speeding tickets here every year.

Back of ticket offers to pay online for 10% convenience fee. Both police and town clerk’s have confirmed that if ticket is paid before court date, NOTHING GOES ON RECORD. They simply throw out the paperwork.

It is a pure money grab by the town.

From Washington exit to Lebeau exit on I-49

Washington, LouisianaJul 20, 20140 Comments

Police units near bridges at exits

I-49 southbound. Mile marker 25

Washington, LouisianaMay 05, 20140 Comments

Sunday, clear day, just passed by faster car. Cruise was on 79. Pulled over and given ticket for 80 in a 75.
My nine year old daughter said “Dad that car just passed us”. I truly believe this officer pulled over the wrong car but she was not interested.
Told my daughter, good example of life is not always fair.

I-49 southbound, mile marker 25

Washington, LouisianaApr 30, 20140 Comments

Friday, April 25, 2014. 11:30 AM. I had the cruise set at 80. An SUV had just passed me. I was slowly gaining on the car in the right lane so I pulled into the left lane. I was the 3rd vehicle back (Altima coupe) in a group of 5. All 5 vehicles were traveling at roughly the same speed (75-82). The Washington Parrish deputy was parked along side the highway in plain site. As we passed her she turned on her lights and pulled out behind the group. We passed another deputy with another car stopped. She pulled in behind me (still the 3rd car in the group) and I pulled over. She told me she clocked me doing 81 in a 75. I mentioned that the lady driving the SUV in front of me had just passed me. Her response was if she had seen them she would have stopped them. Of course that was a joke. I was picked out of the group randomly. I haven’t called for the amount of my fine yet.

I49 Through Washington Louisiana

Washington, LouisianaApr 15, 20140 Comments

I was heading south on I-49 March 17 when I came over the over pass at Washington and a cop pulled me over for an 80 in a 75. I asked about the tolerence to over the speed limit and she stated that they have a zero tolerence for speeding. I asked her about being visible to oncoming traffic and she said that she did not have to show her vehicle. I stated to her that it was a speed trap and she said that it was my opinion and that she did nothing wrong. After signing my ticket I walked to the passengers side of the car and looked up, there she was stopping another driver. I wasn’t even back in my car when she pulled someone over. Maybe the FBI should investigate the City of Washington for breaking the law. I called on 04/15/2014 and was told my ticket is $170.00 for 5 miles over the speed limit. If you take that and times it by just 10 you have $1700.00 in less than a 12 hour shift, $3400.00 in a 24 hour period, $20400 per week, and $1,060,800.00 per year in revenue just off of 10 tickets in a 12 hour shift. There has to be something seriously wrong with this picture.

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