Allen Park, Michigan Speed Traps

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Under Railroad Viaduct WB Southfield/Jane-Luana Left Side

Allen Park, MichiganJan 04, 20190 Comments

The police car hides under the Viaduct in middle lanes on both sides. If heading North on Southfield Road towards I94, there is a Viaduct just after the cross street, Roosevelt Ave (on the left side of the divided road). Police a car at bottom of a hill, behind the Viaduct on left side. If heading south, they sit North of the Viaduct, hiding on left side, just across from Roosevelt Ave Exit.

SB Southfield & Roosevelte

Allen Park, MichiganMar 15, 20110 Comments

When you come up the hill after going under the train bridge before Roosevelte the unmarked car is sitting in the driveway of the shopping plaza on the right.

North bound Southfield Rd just east of Allen Rd

Allen Park, MichiganFeb 15, 20110 Comments

PD sits in the parking lot of the Animal Hospital, where there is a red light far enough back that you don’t see them until it is to late. It is at the first michigan u-turn exit just east of Allen Rd. Has a good view of both North Bound Southfield Rd and the Turn around. Oh usually it is a Black Crown Vic, small emergency lights.

Outer Drive and Southfield Freeway/Service Drive

Allen Park, MichiganDec 10, 20104 Comments

Okay, not truly a speed trap but another example of Allen Park filling their city coffers. "Illegal left turn on red"
According to Michigan Law (MCL 257.612 (1)(i)(ii)) you are allowed to make a left turn on red under the following condition(s):
…a left turn from a 1-way or 2-way street into a 1-way roadway carrying traffic in the direction of the left turn unless prohibited by sign, signal, marking, light, or other traffic control device.
I received a ticket today for making a left turn from Outer Drive onto the northbound Southfield Service Drive. The ticket states this is a local not a State ordinance. There is no signage stating that a left turn on red is not allowed. Be warned! I have done this numerous times and today I got a ticket for doing this. I am fighting this ticket!

Both sides of the Southfield Freeway

Allen Park, MichiganSep 08, 20101 Comments

At any given time, there are several Allen Park Police and now Wayne County Sherriffs Deputies waiting to pounce. The bit of the Southfield Freeway is only a few miles long from the Dearborn border to I-94, but beware!

If you try to fight the ticket, they will usually offer the "obstucting traffic" vs the speeding. The "obstucting" is no points on your license but a bigger fine. The whole thing is a cash machine.

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