Hazel Park, Michigan Speed Traps

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On 75 south before the 9 Mile Rd exit

Hazel Park, MichiganSep 07, 20230 Comments

Sits on the left side shoulder of the highway in a gray undercover suv using radar to pull people going 80 or just slightly over .

East Meyers Ave, just south of 9 Mile Rd and Dequindre Rd

Hazel Park, MichiganDec 03, 20210 Comments

Squad SUV sits on the west side of Dequindre, typically around night time.

South Chrysler Service Drive at East Hayes. North of 8 mi.

Hazel Park, MichiganJan 25, 20170 Comments

Exiting I 75 they might have a small sign with the 40 mph posted. There is no sign warning that the speed limit changes. Cop sits there with laser and nails the last vehicle. They write a ticket for Impeding traffic. $185 fine. The clown doesn’t even ask for registration or proof of insurance. So that proves its a scam and generates big bucks.

south Bound Service drive to West Bound 9 Mile Rd.

Hazel Park, MichiganApr 21, 20160 Comments

Small sign on light pole does not come into view because it is too far to the right. You stop at the sign and tend to look left for traffic to clear rather than look right to see the sign that reads no turn on red. Hazel Park police sit in the gas station parking lot and wait for this money maker to chime. a whopping $185.00 fine for this trap. I think this should be illegal …

South Chrysler Service Drive/ W/B 9 Mile

Hazel Park, MichiganOct 26, 20137 Comments

The Hazel Park Police Department cruisers will sit in the Gas Station parking lot waiting for cars to stop at the red light right after coming of from I-75 and then turn right onto W/B 9 Mile. While the drivers are paying more attention to the other signs after coming-off I-75, the police department knows that more than likely, the driver will not notice the "No Turn right on Red" sign. Thus, they exploit this and target that specific corner to rake-in an approximate $25,500 per month or $306,000 per year in traffic fines (enough for them to purchase unneeded newer cruisers among other things). Many residents are afraid to drive anywhere near this area lest be targeted for failing to see some new sign the city has posted (since they know it’s crawling with cruisers). Even if the driver has had a clean record they will never give a warning…….only a $170 ticket for "Impeding Traffic $170.00 No Turn on Red". This fine is highway robbery and the tax-paying residents of this city should voice their opinions on this shady trap.

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