Town And Country, Missouri Speed Traps

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Highway 40 and 141 one police officer standing on bridge

Town And Country, MissouriJun 07, 20210 Comments

Police officer is on the bridge that you walk over with a radar gun and no vehicle five cars lined up on the highway.

State Highway 270 near Olive Boulevard

Town And Country, MissouriSep 12, 20071 Comments

One of the MOST heavily montored areas in the state. Northbound and southbound lanes. Patrolled by state and city cruisers,usually unmarked. Speedlimit is 60 MPH. Anything over 70 will be ticketed.

Interstate 40/64 near Interstate 270

Town And Country, MissouriJul 12, 20072 Comments

MADD pays the city to have a police officer out Wed. through Sun. on highway 40. They’re usually between 270 and 141 in either direction. He doesn’t respond to calls, his only job is to catch speeders/drunk drivers. If you get pulled over there at night you will most likely be tested for drinking. You will definitely get a ticket bare minimum. They don’t let anyone off with a warning.

Interstate 40/64 near Woods Mill Road

Town And Country, MissouriMay 01, 20072 Comments

Speed limit of 55 is appears to be advisory only. Average speed is 70. Town and Country is funded by the tickets given out between Mason and Timberlake Parkway West and Timberlake to Mason east.

Interstate 64 near Between Spoede and 141

Town And Country, MissouriJan 08, 20071 Comments

T & C officers sit on the shoulder of the entrance ramp for Spoede and get you as you dome over the rise west of Lindbergh…They also favor the area at the 64/141 interchange to surprise westbound drivers on 64

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