Wayne, New Jersey Speed Traps

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Hamburg Turnpike by William Paterson University

Wayne, New JerseyJul 11, 20120 Comments

The police car is in the William Paterson University parking lot and hidden from view. It is easy to go over the speed limit in this area and once you are caught on radar it is too late. Obey the speed limit in this area and slow down!

Route 287 expressway both South and North near Route 23 ramp

Wayne, New JerseyMay 25, 20120 Comments

From Boonton to Pompton Lakes near Wayne, all along north and south stretch area of Route 287 expressway be very careful in this mountainous road area of 3 lane highway. The road is frequented by local and out of state/region travelers who think the remote environment of forests/mountains mean this would be a stretch of highway to go above 65. Almost everyday, motorists are pulled over – cop cars are hidden in areas for catching speeding and also at bottom of hill areas in plain view – sometimes operating in pairs so if you are driving above 70 you will surely get a hefty ticket starting at $300+. Use of radar is common and motorists are stopped by a second cop car 1-5 miles further down the road. Also unmarked cars as well. The problem is that the surrounding area of Wayne is full of congestion and impatient drivers who give the illusion there are no speed traps but this area is one of the worst in the nation – pulling multiple cars over almost everyday. Beware! Most drivers ignore the posted 65mph and go much faster which is an ongoing problem with NJ and tourists/large immigrant population some of whom have immunity as diplomats as well as corruption among the wealthy drivers with the state government to get out of paying tickets.

It’s on Preakness Ave as you drive downhill from Paterson.

Wayne, New JerseySep 12, 20100 Comments

As you are driving downhill from entering Wayne from Paterson, the limit is 25mph. You will be at a crawl to maintain 25mph. There will be a cop car hiding on one of the side streets. You won’t see the trap because the afternoon sun will be in your view.

West Belt Parkway between Rte 23 and Riverview Drive

Wayne, New JerseyApr 25, 20100 Comments

This is a common spot, where they primarly are going after folks coming from Rte 23 heading to Riverview Drive. The road is so smooth that it’s difficult not to go above the 40 mph limit. But as you round the gradual bend, you may see the car on the side of the road. Always be sure to slow down as you approach the bend so you can see if they are there. If they’re not there, you can cruise your way to Riverview.

Herfort Road between Alps and Ratzer

Wayne, New JerseyMar 26, 20100 Comments

Herfort Road between Alps Road and Ratzer Road is a popular shortcut to avoid the Alps/Ratzer intersection. There is often a speed trap at the bottom of Herfort Road hill just before you make the left onto Mayfair Drive. The patrol car is difficult to see until it’s too late especially in summer when the trees are full.

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