Thornhill, Ontario Speed Traps

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Doncaster between younge and bayview

Thornhill, OntarioDec 26, 20100 Comments

There is a unmarked car on the north side ….east of younge
catches eastbound or west …mostly west cause its downhill

Yonge & Centre St.

Thornhill, OntarioDec 26, 20100 Comments

Going Southbound on Yonge the police park in the Mack’s Milk Plaza at Yonge St. on the North side of Centre St. From there their car is not seen and they setup their laser on a tripod peeking out with cover of a fence to nab southbound traffic as they speed down the hill by the golf course and accelerate up the hill with speed. Mostly mornings as people head into the city to work. It is 60 km there and drivers can easily speed there as there is nothing but a golf course on both sides. They also sit in the golf couse driveways at the bottom of the valley especially at night.

Thornhill Woods Dr. and Mistysugar Trail !

Thornhill, OntarioApr 09, 20100 Comments

An unmarked black police car will park on the side of the road of Mistysugar Trail facing East towards Thornhill Woods Drive looking for people doing rolling stops on the Allway stop sign.

Doing a rolling stop, which is, not stoping completely at a stop sign, will give you 3 demerit points! and this officer is having a blast catching people, especially people going southbound on Thornhillwoods drive. Its a downhill so people usually pick up speed and dont stop fully, and before they know it, the flashing lights are on their rearview mirror.

This officer will stop like 20 cars in a few hours, not come back for a day or two, so people forget that shes there, and do it all over again a few days after. Its crazy!

Note: The unmarked police car at this intersection is usually all black, or all white.

Don Mills Road northbound at Simonston Blvd

Thornhill, OntarioApr 08, 20100 Comments

Regular radar is set up to nab northbound cars on Don Mills as they pass through the park heading towards the lights at Simonston Blvd and Don Mills.

Steeles Avenue near Leslie Avenue

Thornhill, OntarioApr 28, 20081 Comments

likes to hang out in the bus shelter
looks like he is wating for a bus
almost got me but i turened in to the townhouse complex when i saw him =) jokes on him lol

any how its on Steeles Av & Leslie north east corner
there is a some park there on the rite side thats where he drops off his car

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