Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Speed Traps

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Interstate 526 E near US Highway 17

Mount Pleasant, South CarolinaJun 22, 20040 Comments

Speed lilmit drops from 65 to 55 at the Isle of Palms exit. One has to well aware of that speed change. The Police cars sit on the right median waiting for their prey. They sometimes are in twos and threes. They are most evident in the early morning around 8AM and they are also there in the afternoon and evening rush hours. They must have ticketed cars in the hundreds.The trap is a constant one, in that they are there every single day and have been for months.

Any road within city limits

Mount Pleasant, South CarolinaOct 06, 20030 Comments

I lived in Mt Pleasant (just outside Charleston and near the Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island) for 11 years, and saw it grow from a sleepy bedroom town to an overgrown suburb of Charleston. During that time, the enforcement of existing laws has made even most locals I know paranoid when driving. It’s not that the speed limits are unreasonable, but rather the sheer number of police cars on the road that makes citations likely. The town has over one hundred operational police vehicles, which officers are permitted to drive home. There are few major throughfares in the town, and traffic is a nightmare because of the sprawl. Not only are they merciless with any speeding (including subdivisions and service roads), but burned out lights, and incomplete stops (especially right turns at stop signs) are favorite violations. If you are stopped, be prepared to be surrounded by at least two, and posssibly more (usually marked) cars for every infraction-a bit intimidating to say the least, and always good for inviting rubberneckers believing a major crime to be in progress, given the manpower devoted to traffic violations. On one occasion I was stopped because my license renewal sticker was peeling off the license plate-the officer finished pulling it off for me, handed it to me, with a warning that if I chose to drive the car from that moment on, he could pull me over anytime he wanted between there and the Dept of Motor Vehicles . He drove off, leaving me to wonder whether he was waiting down the road for me. There are also "Community Service Vehicles" in the town, which ostensibly patrol the parking lots of the strip malls and grocery stores. I never witnessed one of these cars performing any "service," which I would guess would be calling for help for persons with disabled cars, or perhaps assisting motorists with flat tires-but I understand they stealthily watch for illegally parked cars in parking lots, and assist with the providing a citation, servicing the community’s treasury. I’m not advocating parking illegally, speeding, or driving recklessly, but Mt Pleasant is no place to take any chances with any traffic rules. It is too likely you’ll be spotted! Driving with care is also warranted here because of the high number of ornament wives with oversized, overpowered cars and SUVs being driven with cell phone in one hand, lipstick in the other, and head turned around to check on cargo/kids/shopping returns in the back seat!

I-17 north at Darrel Creek Rd.

Mount Pleasant, South CarolinaSep 20, 20020 Comments

There is a curve in the highway and they sit at the turn at Darrel Creek Rd. This is a blind spot when coming from the north. Light half mile from the south, motorist are reving up to speed and get caught. Usually 2 or 3 cars are used. Sometimes, the cpos sit a half mile closer in too fool you. Its near the Water Works Station. Beware. Mount Pleasant Cops don’t play.

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