Millington, Tennessee Speed Traps

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North End of Millington

Millington, TennesseeJan 26, 20170 Comments

There are Millington Police sitting in the median, blacked out, at both ends of town on Highway 51 every morning when I go to work at 4:00. They’ve been sitting in the same two locations near daily for the better part of the past 3 years. Traveling from Atoka into Millington, they sit in the median facing westbound traffic just inside the 45 mph speed zone (across from the Hampton Inn hotel). On the other end of town, traveling towards Memphis, they are in the median just past 385, again facing westbound, in the 45 mph speed zone. They are trying to get you coming into and leaving Millington.

Southbound just pass 385/51 stop light.

Millington, TennesseeMay 26, 20160 Comments

It’s 45MPH and they set up their speed trap car about 100 yrds up from intersection on the right. The car is maybe 50 yrds from were the speed changes to 55MPH.

Navy Rd across from City Hall

Millington, TennesseeFeb 20, 20160 Comments

Camera with strobe is in median obscured by bushes. It is located across from the Millington City Hall. It tagged me @ 34 in a 30.

Wilkinsville Road between Hwy 51and Easley

Millington, TennesseeOct 23, 20140 Comments

At the school zone, it matters not if you’re driving the speed limit: The police write tickets as many tickets as they can as fast as they can. And then cheerfully mention that if the fine is paid then it won’t be recorded on your driving record. Extortion at its finest!

Highway 51 (north of the city limits)

Millington, TennesseeJun 17, 20120 Comments

I was caught in nothing but a bogus speed trap recently. The cop pulled me over and said I was speeding in a construction zone on Highway 51, but the construction zone did not even start (and the speed limit did not decrease from 55 to 40) where he says he got me with radar. I was going UNDER the speed limit, but still have a citation. These cops need some lessons in ethics. Officer told me that if I paid it it would not be reported or go on my record. If I committed an offense, that is not right, unless they are just a crooked bunch trying to pay their salaries. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

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