Burleson, Texas Speed Traps

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State Highway 50 near State Highway 60

Burleson, TexasOct 03, 20050 Comments

State trooper covering all of Burleson County. I got a ticket the morning of 7/4/2005 for going 77 in a 70. The weather was clear and the traffic very light. The fine is $170. I also got a warning for no front license plate. This same trooper has stopped me twice. The first time for no front license plate (I was in a different car then). No speed or other offense triggered the stop. The enforcement is in Snook, TX (pop 576). I am docket number 1246. You get the idea. This same trooper also writes tickets for 3 other cities … most of which have more traffic than the road I was on. You do the math. This trooper is writing about 3 tickets per hour on roads that are very lightly traveled.

I-35W North and South

Burleson, TexasNov 09, 20020 Comments

The big Turn to the Right when Coming into Burleson from I-35W north. Its right after Renfro Rd Exit. A cop will sit on the far left on the other side of the road. Aimed right towards the turn so the cop car faces you right as you make the curve to the right. Trust me you cant miss it and its to late by the time you see the cop you already have the ticket. Slow down around the curve and watch it when coming in .

FM 731 South

Burleson, TexasOct 04, 20020 Comments

Ole county mountie has been working FM731 south to FM917. He parks at Hilltop country store, The Farm Store 731, and Chase Lane. If hes on Chase Lane, you’ll never ever see him parked.

Sh 174 inside city limits

Burleson, TexasAug 03, 20020 Comments

This is what i hear on my scanner and see from time to time. Burleson PD and DPS and sheriff and constables work SH174 (wilshire blvd). And remeber, makeing an left turn out of wal-mart other than useing the traffic light is illegal.

I-35 north and south bounds, from alsbury southbound rest area

Burleson, TexasAug 03, 20020 Comments

At night Burleson PD and DPS and sheriff and constables work all of I-35. They may be sitting under the Alsbury bridge, a cluster of trees in the median by the golf coarse, Briaoaks Road or another cluster of trees at the mile marker 35. The DPS trooper comes out of nowhere, ive just see him chaseing down a customer and had him pass me like i was standing still.Also, around the Alsbury road area theres some trickey stop signs and yield signs and no turns signs. If you happened to mess up at one of these signs on a friday or weekend night with the law watching,due to dinky bars in that area, be prepared to be asked if you had anything to drink and all the fanfare that goes with that.

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