Salt Lake City, Utah Speed Traps

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7-Eleven at S 900 W; and 2100 S

Salt Lake City, UtahJan 07, 20200 Comments

They like to sit in the parking lot in groups.

109 South and 300 East 7-Eleven

Salt Lake City, UtahJun 26, 20170 Comments

There’s a 7-Eleven on 109 South and 300 East being used as a speed trap. Motorcycle cops are camping under the treees on this stretch of road that is post marked 30MPH just past the 7-Eleven Gas station.

109 South and 300 East is being taken advantage of by cops in the early morning hours between 7:00am and 9:00am to catch motorists frequently speed on this road.

Motorist are constantly being stopped for going a few over the speed limit because this road isn’t traveled by enough cars at one time. You won’t see that cop unless you are looking carefully, he isn’t easily visible because he’s hidden under the trees.

If you are the only one driving on this road in the morning you should be cautious. Those who aren’t paying attention to their speed miss him. **This cop will pull you over so look out. **

Due to their length of time they have cars pulled over, they don’t seem to hesitate in writing tickets.

100 South Between 300 & 400 East

Salt Lake City, UtahOct 03, 20160 Comments

A new ticket revenue service is being conducted as of September 2016 around 9:00am every morning and this continues to be generating good revenue for SLCPD. On 100 S. the speed limit is 30MPH,so if you go 35MPH, then just plan on getting pulled over and due to the frequent nature of this occurrence I would like to believe that they aren’t letting people off easily. This is an unfamiliar area and people are being taken advantage of. You won’t expect it because you probably didn’t think you were speeding as everyone does on this road on the SLCPD is no exception. They are always traveling faster than they should. Note though, they are on those motorcycles to maker harder for them to spot.

Entrance of Salt Lake City International Airport

Salt Lake City, UtahJun 29, 20150 Comments

(I’ve seen this many times now and it seems legitimate..) As you enter the Salt Lake City International Airport coming from I-80 West. From taking Exit 11B, you go over an over-pass where speed drops to 50MPH. But look out, because once you merge onto Terminal Drive, there’s a policeman ready with his laser gun pointed straight at you; ready to clock your speed. If your lucky, the drivers in front of you will have already slammed on their brakes. You really have no time to react as he hidden until you go around the corner. Unfair to those people who are in a hurry to make their flight on time.

Between 700s and 800s on state street When heading north.

Salt Lake City, UtahFeb 14, 20150 Comments

There are three motorcycle officers sitting by the bank waiting for people to speed by.

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