Summersville, West Virginia Speed Traps

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US Highway 19 near Everywhere

Summersville, West VirginiaMar 09, 20060 Comments

I was at a stop light in the left lane going Uphill. When we got a green light, I drove off and went to pass the truck on the right side to get in front of him. The cop was coming downhill from the other direction. When I saw him, I looked down and saw that I was doing 60. He wrote the ticket up for 67….totally inflated and I told him so. He didn’t care. He also claimed that If I did the traffic school on-line, that it wouldn’t be reported to the insurance company. I told him that I’ve had first hand experience with this and that it wasn’t true. He said "Well, that’s what we’re told." I said "Well, then take it back as feedback, they’re not telling you the truth."

US Highway 19 near Everywhere

Summersville, West VirginiaMar 03, 20060 Comments

This is my third ticket in 4 years driving through there. One from Summersville and the other in Fayetteville. This one again in Summersville. I am disgusted…After two tickets in that general area you KNOW I’m watching my speed…BUT I was going uphill from a light (don’t remember exactly which one) and I saw the police officer going south and pull into the middle to turn around. So I looked down and saw that I was doing 60 in a 55. I remember it was from a dead stop in the left lane because I wanted to get around at truck. He pulled me over and said I was doing 68 in a 50. I even told him that I wasn’t going 68 because I had just started from a dead stop and that there was no way. He proceeded to tell me I could do their on-line test and get no points and it wouldn’t be reported. At that point, I honestly lost it and said "That’s not true because the LAST time I got a ticket, it was reported." He said "Thats what we’re told." I said and finally looked at him and realized I bet it was the chief of police — colonel rank on his uniform — I said "Sir, then take it back to the station as feedback that my last ticket was reported and look into it. "Out of state plates here too… I could go to a hearing and fight this. No way.

State Route 19 near HIgh School to the left of Highway

Summersville, West VirginiaMay 11, 20050 Comments

From one side of Summersville, WV to the other side, (about 10 miles) the speed limit is 50 mph. If you are traveling 56 mph they will give you a ticket. Offices hide in entrances to the highway or over hills, or follow behind you. In unmarked cars. The main area of the trap is from the HIgh School (north of town) to the Burger King (south of town). Do not try to beat the traffic lights you will be pulled over. 50 mph and no more.

US Highway 19 near Interstate 77

Summersville, West VirginiaApr 13, 20050 Comments

The speed limits in this town change very rapidly and often. If you are not constantly watching the changing signs, you can get caught!

State Highway 19 near State Highway 39

Summersville, West VirginiaApr 21, 20040 Comments

Another out-of-state driver targeted. I was driving a rental vehicle with out of state plates, and was exceeding the 50 mph speed limit without realizing it, but traveling with traffic and only going about 60, not 68 – I looked at the speedometer the moment I saw the policeman behind me. I have been told by locals that is a common occurence, especially with the particular officer that wrote the ticket. Yes, I was speeding – I’ll take my lumps and pay the fine – but even the amount of the fine is outrageous. Definitely a money making scam. Yes I know about the reported number of fatalities – heard about that from a local too. I don’t have a problem with the lower limit, but selective enforcement either is illegal or should be.

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