Summersville, West Virginia Speed Traps

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Highway 19 in the 50 MPH zone through the town

Summersville, West VirginiaSep 30, 20030 Comments

There is an aggressive police presense on the 50 MPH stretch of State Highway 19 that passes through Summersville. We have passed through the area a number of times on our way to Mrytle Beach from Canada. Information we obtained from a number of local people confirm that this is a huge money maker for the local town, as much as $2 Million annually according to one source. The ticketing is especially aggressive as the end of the month approaches and the officers have not met their monthly quota. At this time, people are likely to be ticketed for as little as going 2 MPH over the legal limit. The common "prey" are local teens and people from out of state. Highway 19 is a scenic double lane undivided road with great visibility and does not have residential subdivisions immediately beside it (but it does have several traffic lights). From what we learned from local people it would appear that the motivation is more about making money for the town than about concerns for public safety.

US 19 toll road

Summersville, West VirginiaJul 21, 20030 Comments

speed changes are frequent and change 10 – 15 MPH going down a hill. The officer was sitting just over the hill when speed changed from 60 to 50

US 19

Summersville, West VirginiaMay 19, 20031 Comments

As a follow-up to my experience two years ago, I tried to fight the ticket but could get no information by "discovery" (city broke the law). I tried to get a lawyer but was told local lawyers supported police efforts to stop speeders and would not represent me. Out of town lawyer said his retainer was $500 and we would have to appeal, nobody wins in Summersville. I wrote the Governor who served in Congress at the same time a friend of mine served. I said Summmersville is giving W. VA. a bad name. He wrote back and said that was not his problem, I should write the Mayor. I wrote the Judge in the next highest court and he never even acknowledged my letter. The municipal court sent me a letter saying I did not show up in court or pay my fine. I called his clerk and told them where my check was in the office and they found it. Nevertheless, a few months later they still had not cashed my check, but they notified my state DMV to lift my license under a Interstate Compact provision to which both states belong. I had to ask my state senator to intervene to keep this travesty of justice from happening. Otherwise it would have cost $300 to get my license back. S’ville then cashed my check. Let’s get rid of the Compact, too.
To the locals who defend the speed limit on this site, I was not speeding, the charges were false. If you want your streets safe, speeding is the 7th leading cause of accidents, so put you police on more constructive and effective duties. Stop degrading the law enforcement profession and taking money you didn’t earn. PS I have not and will never go to or through W VA again. Twice since then I have already gone out of my way to avoid W VA. Don’t tell me it is not about the money in Summersville, Iraq., oops, er, W.VA.

RT 119

Summersville, West VirginiaFeb 02, 20030 Comments

speed changes fromm 65 to 55 and 50 for miles after passing redlights. nothing around but cops lyeing in wate at bottom of hills .I LIVE HEAR AND YOU WILL NEVER DRIVE BY WITHOUT SEEING COPS WRITEING TICKETS! For a very small town they are makeing millions.

Route 19 north or south

Summersville, West VirginiaJan 20, 20030 Comments

I was traveling South on 19 going home from Morgantown where I have been foing to school for 3 1/2 years and I have never gotten a ticket because I knew it was a TRAP. I slow down and go the speed limit. As I was coming out of the 50 mph into the 65mph I was behind traffic and going slower than them. The only thing I can guess is that he thought he would get someone. He said I was going 78 in a 65 but there is no way because if I had been then the other drivers in front of me would have been going just as fast or faster than me. My advice stay away from Summersville or go extremely under the speed limit because they will jack up the speed by 5 mph when they write the tickets. They are rude and unforgiving and are going to run the tourists out of WV.

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