Byron, Wyoming Speed Traps

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Main st. Hyw 14a

Byron, WyomingSep 20, 20182 Comments

East bound on 14a speed limit goes from 70 mph to 30 mph . Local cop was sitting at the edge of town . I was following a Wyoming car but he stopped me. 41 in a 30 fine $152 thanks Wyoming we had a great vacation enjoying your state but the hell with Byron. We have friends that ranch by Cody and they said Byron is famous for ticketing. Wyoming will not be getting any more of my money. If officials can’t get control of this town shame on you.

west end of town on 14A

Byron, WyomingJun 12, 20170 Comments

I was driving west on the edge of town when I noticed a blue police car off on the right hand side by in the trees, I drove by and he turned his lights on and pulled me over! Office side I was doing 42 in a 30 speed zone in the city limits, and up the road just 50 yards just in front of me was a 70 speed limit sign!

Speed drops from 70 to 30 with no engineering.

Byron, WyomingJul 19, 20160 Comments

Coming into a town with no traffic, speed limit drops from 70 -30 with no intermediate reducing signs as required when engineering is required which it is and they don’t have. So you can’t use radar on a road that has no engineering for proper sign placement.
Cops sit there all day long.
Town made about 178,000 on traffic tickets alone back around 2012, the mayor does not want figures to get out. Court is only open once a month to help intimidate you into just paying. Other local town courts are open weekly.

Along US 14A, at both east end and west end of town

Byron, WyomingJul 13, 20160 Comments

Police officers (one in pickup truck, one in cruiser) sit at each end of town and target the point at which the speed limit becomes 30 mph (abruptly from 70 mph). Just before town, my car (out of state plates) was passed by a person in a car with Wyoming plates. As I was entering town, I was slowing down to 30 mph, but wasn’t quite there by the 30 mph sign. Officer turns on his lights, Wyoming car and I both pull over, but Wyoming car was waved on. I received a $120 ticket, with a $10 ‘discount’ for wearing seat belts. Officer was polite. I was told to mail the ticket directly to Town Hall. Several locals from adjacent Lovell said this is how Byron pays for its 4th of July fireworks and that it is widely known that to be a speed trap. My advice: set your cruise control to 25 mph before you hit the 30 mph sign, and don’t turn it off until you pass the 70 mph sign on the opposite side of town.

Byron, Wyoming

Byron, WyomingJun 28, 20163 Comments

Pulled over by local town officer. Given a ticket for 38 in a 30 so he says? Speed limit goes from 70 to 30 with two cars in front of us. He writes a hearing date on the ticket over 2 months out when the law actually states you have the right to a hearing earlier than 5 days if you demand it. How are we, people on vacation suppose to know this. It’s a speed trap alright. I have compiled over two pages of other people with the same problem in this town.
I had out of state plates. Please referance that mayors website.

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