Parkin, Arkansas Speed Traps

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Highway 64

Parkin, ArkansasFeb 07, 20220 Comments

The “inattentive driving” citations are STILL being given in Parkin, AR. Hard to believe that the state of Arkansas has allowed this to go on for several decades. I was driving on Hwy. 64 at 55mph and came into Parkin from the west. The speed limit currently drops to 50mph for an extremely short distance when you drive through the “town” of Parkin (at most it can currently be described as a community). A “police officer” (collector of revenue) was driving towards me and after passing me, did a U turn and pulled me over. A $275 citation for “inattentive driving”. I went to the police station (housed inside the community’s old high school) to speak to them about changing it to a speeding ticket. When I pulled up, the exact same police car used to pull me over was parked illegally in a handicap spot. I have the greatest respect for law enforcement, but without question this put them in a negative light. Of course they would not change it to an actual speeding ticket because it’s all about getting revenue for this declining community. Too bad, because it’s a pretty area.

St. Francis River to 1/2 way to Earle (PARKIN)

Parkin, ArkansasDec 20, 20143 Comments

The major part of this speed trap is in the “middle of nowhere” between Parkin and Earle. Parkin has moved their city limits a mile out of town, toward Earle, for what reason? There is nothing there but fields. But it is a great place to give a PARKIN SPEED TRAP TICKETS. I think the city should be forced to move their city limit back to the city of Parkin. Otherwise, why shouldn’t we all put up our own city limit signs in the country and charge $225, a pop, for cars crossing through our city!

Highway 64 between Parkin and Earle

Parkin, ArkansasMar 18, 20141 Comments

I live in Parkin and I have never seen anything like it. I have been pulled ove and ticketed. My wife has been pulled and ticketed. I questioned the officer why he pulled my wife and he told me she swerved going through the four-way stop. Seeing as there is only one, and because i waved goodbye to her from our porch, I knew she hadn’t even driven through the 4-way. When I told the officer that, he grinned and said maybe i got her coming out of the driveway. Its outrageous, its obviously criminal. When I got ticketed, I got the same as everyone. Inattentive driving, city code 269. He even had the nerve to explain to me that he was doing it to save me money by keeping it off my driving record! I have lived here most my life and people are afraid to drive to the store and don’t dare drive on Highway 64. Day and night they are there. And if you think its about public safety, you believe the moon is cheese. Its a disgrace for our town, our county, and all true police officers.

Highway 64

Parkin, ArkansasApr 09, 20131 Comments

Just like everyone else is saying I got pulled over for going 10 miles over and the office "cut me a deal" by giving me an inattentive driving to the tune of $225. The only difference is when the officer pulled me over the first thing I said was "I’m so sorry officer I’ve got a child throwing up in the car and I’m just trying to get to a bathroom." He gave zero concern or any help with where the closest gas station was or even if the student was ok. Just held me for 30 minutes while and 7th grader continued throwing up and the sent me on the way with my ticket. I’m a youth minister and we were on the way back from a mission trip trying to get to Searcy before a snow storm hit. Getting a ticket isn’t a great example for the kids so I tried to make things right. I called their police department 3 times trying to talk to the chief of police to apologize and also give my reasoning for slightly speeding. If you’ve ever had a sick kid in the car you know you’re just trying to get them to a toliet asap. But the chief never returned my calls. Finally after being ignored for 3 weeks I’m just paying the ticket. I called to ask if they take a check and they said no ony money orders. I guess a "hood" place like that in that part of the state gets alot of hot checks.

Parkin Arkansas

Parkin, ArkansasFeb 14, 20130 Comments

parkin Arkansas is a town in cross county Arkansas the city police will clock you outside city limits then stop you and give you a ticket for inattentive driving to the tune of 250.00. they do this because they are not radar certified. the town is broke and can not pay their bills so stay out of Parkin Arkansas

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