Lawrenceville, Georgia Speed Traps

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Hwy 316 eastbound AT Sugarloaf

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaJul 15, 20020 Comments

Two or three marked cars will sit on the right grass, beyond the Sugarloaf ramp, but before the overpass and trap you after you are beyond the exit ramp. No way you will see them until you have been had.

Highway 124 (scenic highway) Between longleaf and moon road

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaJan 01, 20020 Comments

Motorcycle cop positioned in the median (hidden by the small trees planted) or well off the shoulder of the road. Both locations at the top of the hill clocking traffic leaving Lawrenceville. Usually 2 motorcycle cops and sometimes a couple of cruisers also.

Fence Road

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaMay 01, 20010 Comments

On top of the hill after a busy intersection, there they were, like to two babies with a new toy. The two motorcycle police officers were chilling with their radar guns. They even pulled over a few and let them go because they were only twelve miles above the speed limit.

Sugarloaf Parkway Between Hwy. 316 and Hwy. 120.

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaMar 01, 20010 Comments

Gwinnett County Police commonly sit on Surgarloaf Parkway at the entrance to Gwinnett Technical College and right before Hwy. 120. The posted limit is 45, but I’ve passed them at 65.

GA. 316 between I-85 and US 29

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaOct 01, 20000 Comments

Ga. 316, the 55 mph portion, has a horde of speed traps. Here are all of the popular hidey-holes:

WESTBOUND (toward I-85)

1) There is a sweeping curve in Ga. 316 as one passes the GATX railroad yard and the Publix distribution center between US 29 and Cedars Road. GCPD hides here, in regular or STAR cars. Not sure what they use, but they always have cars pulled over around Cedars Road. This is right past where the speed limit drops to 55 mph.

2) Between Highway 120 and Collins Hill Road, LPD in a car in the median using laser or K or Ka-band radar (this tactic is generally used only at night).

3) In the gore for the offramp for Riverside Parkway, GCPD or LPD in a car or bike using laser. Note: I once saw a GC SHERIFF in an UMARKED CAR (illegal in Georgia!) with someone pulled over here.

4) The Sugarloaf Parkway offramp gore, GCPD or LPD in a car or bike using laser.

5) The Sugarloaf Parkway onramp, where it curls around back under the bridge (what traffic engineers call a "trumpet", for all you road geeks out there 🙂 ). GCPD under the bridge in a car.

EASTBOUND (toward Athens)

1) Very occasionally you may see a Gwinnett County cop or a Georgia State Trooper using radar in a car under the Boggs Road bridge, or in the gore for the Boggs Road onramp. Not common while the construction has been going on.

2) A popular spot as of late has been the Sugarloaf Parkway onramp or its gore. There is a hill as you approach the Sugarloaf Parkway interchange, and cannot see anyone on the onramp or its gore until it is too late. Usually GCPD using laser in either a STAR car or bike.

3) Just inside the Lawrenceville city limits, Lawrenceville PD using K or Ka-band radar in the median, in a car (this tactic is generally only used at night).

4) Under the Riverside Parkway bridge, either GCPD or LPD on bikes using K or Ka-band radar or, more commonly, laser. (Note: LPD uses the Riverside Parkway interchange offramp as a DUI roadblock!)

5) In the gore for the onramp for Riverside Parkway, LPD in a car using K or Ka-band radar (this tactic is generally only used at night).

6) Under the Highway 120 bridge, LPD in a car using K or Ka-band radar.

7) Between Highway 120 and Collins Hill Road, LPD in a car in the median using laser or K or Ka-band radar (this tactic us generally used only at night).


–Ga. State Patrol uses Crown Vics in the standard GSP paint scheme. GSP usually uses moving K or Ka-band radar, not fixed traps, when they patrol.
–Gwinnett PD uses Crown Vics (being phased out), Luminas, and the new Impalas in either the standard white paint scheme or the midnight blue with silver lettering low-visibility "STAR Team" scheme, and bikes.
–City of Lawrenceville uses Crown Vics (and one old large Chevy Blazer) in their standard black and white scheme, or bikes.
–"Gore"=the triangular shaped median of land or tarmac at the end of an on or off-ramp.

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