Champlin, Minnesota Speed Traps

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Everywhere in Champlin along 169

Champlin, MinnesotaFeb 09, 20170 Comments

Everywhere between 610 to the North end of Champlin bridge, along 169. If you exceed the speed limit by about 7 mph, you’re generally safe, although I don’t risk going past 5 mph. If you exceed by a solid 10, you have a HIGH chance of getting pulled over. And when Champlin police pull you over, you are guaranteed to get a ticket. They will not pull you over unless they intend to give you a ticket. It doesn’t matter how nice they are, or how nice you are. You will ALWAYS get a ticket if they pull you over. They even have it down to a science exactly where to pull you over so it’s convenient for them.

This isn’t a rant, it’s a warning. I’ve driven through Champlin everyday for 6+ years, and seeing traps all through Champlin is a daily occurrence. I’ve personally never gotten pulled over myself because I know better than to test it, but I know several people who have. Every single person I’ve heard from that have been pulled over said they got a ticket.

They have MULTIPLE speed trap spots so it’s not even worth naming them all. Bottom line, don’t speed through Champlin more than 5mph.

Highway 610 Last Day August 2014

Champlin, MinnesotaSep 03, 20140 Comments

around 6 cop cars each has a partner cop vehicle. They stop people for anything. After they are done ticketing one car they wait for the next bunch of cars coming, they merge into traffic, put on the lights. If you don’t pull over right away because of heavy traffic which might cause and accident, so when you finally are able to get to shoulder, they give you a ticket anyway because you didn’t pull over immediately and you also get a verbal yelling because you might have caused an accident when trying to pull over for the police car.

117th Avenue near State Highway 169

Champlin, MinnesotaMay 30, 20081 Comments

On side of road by Andrews park near those neigborhoods

US Highway 169 near Dowlin Road

Champlin, MinnesotaApr 09, 20081 Comments

With the nice weather people police have been staning on the courner as you head south on 169. One officer stands by the light post with the radar while 2 other officer wait for you to pass them.

US Highway 169 near Dowlin Road

Champlin, MinnesotaMay 30, 20070 Comments

Primarily targets Southbound traffic. 169 South between Dayton Road (AKA Miller Road to the East) and Dean Ave E. They typically sit in the median just before the traffic light. They also like to hide on Dowlin St. Speed limit is 35. Do at the most 35 but not much less as you will be followed. After Dean Ave, the speed limit is 55. Accelerate only after this sign, you will be pulled over if you don’t.

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