Bellevue, Nebraska Speed Traps

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Between HWY 370 and Cornhusker on 36th St

Bellevue, NebraskaMar 16, 20110 Comments

As you come from Cornhusker down 36th St right after the turn off to the movie theater they are pulling over people left and right here. They will sit off the the West side of the road behind that rental place and clock cars coming DOWN THE HILL. I know 3 people now that have been pulled over there, and one happens to be friends with a Bellevue police officer, who also happened to have told him that they are facing a budget shortfall so they have been turned lose on the people of Bellevue. Now wouldn’t it be better if they came to the public and said we are in trouble, and do community fundraisers? I mean these people after all are our neighbors, but no they pull sneaky things like this. You know whats funny, I use to give upwards of a thousand dollars each year to the police fundraiser in community, not any more, never again. WAY TO GO Bellevue Police Department, good way to get the community to get behind you and support you, try to find any reason to pull someone over. I also know that Fort Crook Rd by the military base, cannot remember name….any way they love pulling military over there as well. Nice community outreach fellas!

Fire House on 25th St. South of Capehart Rd.

Bellevue, NebraskaDec 02, 20101 Comments

County, State and Local law enforcement sit in the parking lot of the Fire House, on 25th street pointed south waiting for folks coming down the hill from the direction of Fairview Rd. Easy to break the sound barrier there as you’re coming down a fairly steep hill. Speed limits 35 but watch out for 45 and 50 easy, down this hill.

Hwy 75 between Cornhusker and Fairview Roads/on-ramps/exits

Bellevue, NebraskaMay 31, 20101 Comments

Anyone traveling between these two roads needs to watch their speed, particularly those of you traveling southbound. Nebraska State Patrol is running Lidar (Lazer Radar) and usually sits just by the on-ramp as it connects into 75 South from Cornhusker Rd, or at the exit of Fairview Rd. They have been seen a few times a week at varied times at these two locations. Not sure if they have been at the Hwy 370 or Capehart Rd areas, but Cornhusker and Fairview have had repeated visits by NSP. Not sure why radar detectors have the lazer detectors because they do no good. By the time they go off, the police already have your car painted and have your speed assessed.

Ft Crook Rd between Cornhusker and 370/next to Offutt AFB

Bellevue, NebraskaMay 25, 20101 Comments

During morning or evening rush hour Bellevue will set up speed traps. They usually like to sit by the Offutt Motel or along Ft. Crook Road across from one of the old historic buildings for Offutt AFB. Someone said it was the old base hospital for Offutt AFB/Ft Crook, but is a admin building for some other base agency nowadays. Watch this area because this is usually when they are using radar. However, watch this area at night too and stay within the speed limit.

36th Street between Hwy 370 and Capehart

Bellevue, NebraskaMay 01, 20101 Comments

Northbound and Southbound on 36th Street is a major speed trap. The cops like to sit on the shoulder just after the hills, or in the church parking lot near the cemetery. The speed limit is 35 mph for most of 36th, but there’s a section near the catholic church/school that is 25mph "when children are present" which isn’t always obvious. They’re especially active during "rush" hours and after 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

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