Lott, Texas Speed Traps

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Lott, Texas

Lott, TexasMay 26, 20220 Comments

Northern southbound city limit sign has been down for AT LEAST 3-4 months.  City of Lott has zero problem with this.  I should say “CITY”, bold emphasis on quotation marks.

Downhill, leaving town on 320 east

Lott, TexasSep 16, 20210 Comments

Don’t rely on engine braking to maintain a safe downhill speed, officer will pull you over at less than 10 mph over the limit and the experience will cost you dearly. Lesson learned, avoid Lott if at all possible. My ticket reflects a speed just a few mph higher than I was running and just enough to push me into the slightly more expensive fine bracket.

Anywhere around Lott, even if you are out of the city limits

Lott, TexasSep 17, 20180 Comments

Passed through Lott today 9/15/2018. I watch these little jerk water towns carefully, but over 2-3 miles outside the city limits, this Lott PD had a woman pulled and was steadily writing. I do not think the woman drove for 3 miles outside Lott, before being pulled over. This town and Rosebud, probably the nastiest speed traps in Texas, watch them carefully.

77 and 320

Lott, TexasDec 14, 20152 Comments

Speed limit drops abruptly from 70 to 55 to 45! Received a speeding ticket entering 45 limit. I saw my speed at the moment and it was 51 but I received a ticket for 65 on 45.

320 entering or leaving town

Lott, TexasDec 21, 20141 Comments

Known about this trap for years,but got snagged in the 55-45 drop last year. Waited quietly while officer explained my infraction and then he asked if I had any questions. I said yes, where is your badge number? He pointed to the citation where he had written his badge number. I said no, where is your uniform badge with number displayed as required by state law…..he had none. He mumbled some thing and we went our separate ways. I decided to contest this ticket like I do all my speeding tickets. Only thing a bigger joke than the speed trap in Lott is their court system. Pled not guilty before the judge and set up a court date, judge tells me I need to post a personal recognisance bond. Talked to several bondsmen in my city about getting a PR bond for a speeding ticket and they just laughed at me and told me that is just not done. Called her honor back in Lott and told her what trouble I was having getting PR bond, she said no problem, gave me the number of a “local” bondsman who could help me out. Went to local bondsman, an old gas station with a wrecker yard working out of it and for $75 got my PR bond. Presented it to honorable Judge Lott and told me they would mail me notice when to appear for my trial. About a year and a half later received a letter from Lott court that all charges had been dropped. So I guess you can plead not guilty in Lott and win but they are going to drag at least $75 out of you for doing it

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