Summersville, West Virginia Speed Traps

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Rt. 19

Summersville, West VirginiaApr 26, 20020 Comments

65 MPH limit drops suddenly to 50 mph while 4-lane road is still mountains and trees both sides. It goes for a mile or two and around a bend before you can see a red light or any access to businesses ahead and at the same time you see the flashing cop lights. I like cops generally but this setup is rediculous. I won’t go back to WV! Why are there 28 listings for summersville and 25 for the rest of WV?

US 19

Summersville, West VirginiaApr 04, 20020 Comments

Two cops on this town’s police force have written over 12000 tickets in one year! The town has a 2 million+ surplus in the bank account because of this giant speed trap. Many travel services recommend you drive around this place. Take I-79 to Charleston and then I-77 South, it will take some extra time but the hassle and fine are worth it. Also be careful on I-77 because the cops are sneaky there too.

US 19

Summersville, West VirginiaApr 04, 20020 Comments

Get a load of this one….not only have I been the victim to this infamous speed trap before…I thought I have may leared a lesson the first time, but I didn’t so here goes…70 to 50 area is bad real bad…not only did I notice this earlier times that I have travelled 19 because of the short cuts to the NASCAR tracks. He got me about 2 miles before the reduction zone going 78, I was going south and he was driving north..I hate that rule..stupid…he gave me only going 72..not only was I the only one in our separate traveling group but 2 others also got ticketed earlier in the day in Summersville on 19…we all had a good laugh over it….considering we are out of state…the fine seems resonable…better than PA or OH

on rte 19 midway between beckley and sutton

Summersville, West VirginiaApr 03, 20020 Comments

please urge all those who feel that they have been legitimately victimized at this location in WV to withhold services to local businesses along this highway when they transit the area and write to the local chamber of commerce so informing them of that. We, who have been caught in this area, can by this form of silent protest, influence the future action of this overly enthusiatic police action. Also, I suggest that folks copy Senator Byrd in your letters as he was the main force in provideing government funds for making route 19 a four lane modern highway. His office might intervene in the traveling publics behalf for fair and even treatment while using the highway that is, I believe, named after him

on state rte 219 within city limits

Summersville, West VirginiaMar 01, 20020 Comments

rte 219 speed limit predominately 65 mph. without warning on fourlane, it drops suddenly to 50mph approaching city. There is no warning of impending drop, and city police are sitting in discreet location waiting for unsuspecting VICTIMS TO BREAK THE LAW. I have read many of the reports from fellow victims and am flabbergasted by the striking similarity of my case, and others who have been caught by this well-orchestrated scheme to defraud the traveling public. I certainly will look at all my legal alternatives before I succumb to this legal thievery. THERE HAS GOT TO BE A WAY..If I can find it, I will put it on this website for all to see, and use. I, also, request that everyone shares their insites, and protest to higher authority in the state of WEST VIRGINIA.

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