Yuma, Arizona Speed Traps

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20th Ave between Ave C and Ave B

Yuma, ArizonaSep 23, 20140 Comments

The police will sit in the 35 MPH zone and clock you doing the speed limit. Another cop will sit in the 25 MPH zone and will pull you over for doing “35 in a 25”. I have witnessed this on several occasions as I live right where the radar cop will sit. I have seen motorcycle cops and cops in the Ford Explorers doing this. There has even been speed limit sign out that tells you your speed right at the FIRST 25 MPH sign, and 95% of the people will slow down well before they hit that sign. And they are still getting pulled over. If this is not an illegal or entrapment I do not know what is.

Ave 3E South of 32nd St Near Marine Base and along 32nd St

Yuma, ArizonaOct 25, 20110 Comments

Sometimes Yuma City PD Moto Cop sits on Hwy Medians or tucked into driveway of City sewage dump station… Sometimes its the Sherrif Dept. They seem to be targeting the Marines as they go to work in the morning and as they leave work in evening. I guess the City and the county needs revenue and the Marines are easy pickings because they have a steady paycheck and usually don’t fight the tickets. The Command looks down on any marine recieving a ticket so the troops just take care of it as quickly as possible.

Hwy 95

Yuma, ArizonaMar 22, 20110 Comments

Between Fortuna Rd. and Pacific Ave. Westbound, speed limit changes from 55 to 45 as you near town. Radar has been very active on this stretch.

I-8 through Yuma

Yuma, ArizonaMar 22, 20114 Comments

Throughout greater Yuma, the speed limit has been lowered to 55. Yes, in Arizona. And yes, they’re working it. Drive with one foot on the brake and you’ll be fine.

Mile 21-12 on Interstate 8 westbound

Yuma, ArizonaFeb 18, 20111 Comments

Speed limit changes from 75 to 65 mph. I was doing 65 according to my GPS and some guy passes me doing about 67, and HE got NAILED!

Limits are generous in AZ, but strictly enforced. The state is desperate for cash and photo radar has been quashed, so live bait pays the penalty.

I’ve never been thru that stretch without at least one car stopped by Hwy Patrol.

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