Piperton, Tennessee Speed Traps

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Piperton, TennesseeOct 12, 20170 Comments

The car running radar parks well more than one mile from Piperton city limits. Tennesse law allows the unit to go a maximum of one mile out of city limits. The unit is about three miles north of the Piperton exit on 385. No Piperton city limit signs on 385. Car is facing north, sitting in the median. He can immediately pull into the south bound lane and “gotcha”. It would seem that a motorist receiving a citation at this point could, with a good attorney, own half the city.

Hwy 72 at Hwy 196

Piperton, TennesseeJul 06, 20170 Comments

I’m almost 26 and have not had any sort of ticket since I got my first speed ticket when I was 16. Well, I received my second one in Piperton, TN this morning at 6:30AM. I took a summer job training new teachers that will be teaching throughout MS for the next two years in Holly Springs, MS. After visiting with friends in Collierville for the holiday weekend, I headed to Holly Springs and made a wrong turn which took me through Piperton. I had my cruise control set for the 55 mph. I did not slow down fast enough after I crossed the 45 mph speed limit sign. Andddddd there were two police officers. One on each side of my car. Why? Just why.

All of RT 72 thru Piperton – especially headed east

Piperton, TennesseeJun 10, 20162 Comments

These people have always been quite predatory on 72 in both directions, but now, as there is a new construction zone, with signage taking the limit from 55 to 45, they have quickly found a new nest to nab the unsuspecting. And of course, these tickets will be double fine. Oh, and as of 6/1/16, the construction hasn’t even started. And…most of these tickets will be written in Mississippi, as the logistics force the predator to stop his prey just across the state line.

I’ve actually ridden past this new lair and when I saw him sitting there, I pulled over in a lot and sat, to watch what I knew was about to happen. It didn’t take one minute until some poor person had those lights in their rear view mirror, this time pulled over into a gas station (in Mississippi). It was painful to observe.

No other department in the country can match the disgusting existence of these characters. The people of Piperton should be ashamed of themselves. They don’t even need a “police department”. Never do business, purchase real estate, date or befriend anyone from this awful little place. We should run them out of our country: Real Americans don’t treat each other like this.

You’ve heard of Waldo, Florida and New Rome, Ohio: Piperton Tennessee is actually worse.

ps Tennessee 385 through Piperton: This is a 4 lane, interstate-like highway that bypasses the city, and to watch these characters shoot radar along their short section, it is akin to watching someone out in the middle of the desert ticket a lone car that came along and was doing absolutely nothing unsafe. A truly vile exhibit of thuggery.

Tennessee on US 72 between I269 and Mississippi Border

Piperton, TennesseeJan 05, 20161 Comments

Very rural, hilly, 4 lane divided highway, speed limit posted 55. Cop said I was doing 71. I NEVER go more than 5 over posted. Was told court date 3 months from ticket. I saw only one other vehicle. Stop at 2AM. Clearly a revenue generator.

Highway 57 @ Mt. Zion Road

Piperton, TennesseeMar 01, 20141 Comments

I was going east on highway 57 with my cruise control set at 45mph, I see a police car approaching driving in the opposite direction and don’t really give it much thought until said police car blue lights start flashing as he is almost past me. I slow down and watch him in my rear view mirror thinking maybe he got an emergency call and he was getting ready to make a u-turn and I needed to get out of his way to pass. Since I could still see him in my mirror, I continued to watch him find a place to turn around with his lights on, stop for about 3 minutes, make a u-turn and proceed to pull me over for speeding. He said I was going “56 in a 45”. This was a first for me, I have never been stopped by a cop with a radar going in the opposite direction!!!! I was not speeding and my cruise control was set at 45.

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